Elvis and Jewelry

Elvis was always considered generous and, as time went on, he was also considered the King of Rock and Roll by almost everyone that ever watched him perform.

He was known for his generosity from the many items of jewelry that he gave out to friends, acquaintances, and fans. He became known as the King of Rock and Roll due to the new sound that he introduced to the world. With this unbelievable title given to him by his fans, he soon felt that he needed to start to dress the part.

Elvis always admired Liberace as an entertainer and began to use his influence when making choices of dress. He was decked out in jewels and jeweled clothing as he would hit the stage, catching the eye of everyone in the audience. Elvis had a personal jeweler who advised the jewels , the same way that many websites can do for us, as WP Diamonds. He would have his personal jeweler bring a case of jewelry to his shows and other various places he was attending or showing an appearance at. Elvis would then take the jewelry from the case and give it away to random people in the audience.

Once after going to a football game, Elvis decided that he wanted to give a cocktail waitress some jewels to remember him by. He asked his jeweler (Lowell Hays) to bring some jewels for him to choose from, but Lowell did not have his case with him on that occasion. Elvis asked if he always came to events with him and Lowell said yes. Then asked if he (Elvis) had always paid for Lowell’s room and food and etc. and again Lowell answered yes. Elvis then asked Lowell how it is that he thought to come but without any jewels? Lowell said he came to watch a game, not to sell jewelry. Elvis told Lowell that he would teach him a valuable lesson in economics. Elvis had Lowell go with him to a jewelry store to help Elvis pick out some jewelry for the cocktail waitress, but Lowell never received any money from those purchases. Lowell never accompanied Elvis again without bringing along a case filled with jewels.

Elvis heard about a child wishing to meet him that was dying from cancer in Jackson, Mississippi. Elvis went and gave the child his diamond and garnet cross that he had worn around his neck. Elvis always tried his best to give back to his fans more than what they had given to him.

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