John Huntington to Open High End Tattoo Lounge Inside The Palms Casino Resort May 1st

Premier nightclub promoter John Huntington will open his new tattoo lounge, Huntington Ink, on Friday May 1st inside the Palms Casino Resort. The co-creator, executive producer and star of A&E’s hit reality show “Inked” returns to the Palms with a high-end, Asian inspired tattoo lounge that will INSERT Hart & Huntington.

Reflecting Huntington’s love for the Asian culture and his martial arts background in Jujitsu and Muy Thai, the newly designed lounge will feature a palette of gold and orange and dramatic lighting, along with water features and ornate staircases. Guests can view the tattoo artists’ flash and previous work on an interactive wall of touch screen units. Huntington will also incorporate a tattoo stage and state-of-the-art sound system for guest DJs and the nightclub guru’s friends.

“I am so excited to rejoin forces with George Maloof and the Palms team to take the casino tattoo experience to the next level. No other team could have brought me back to Vegas from Costa Rica. Expect to be blown away,” says Huntington Ink owner John Huntington.

“We are thrilled to have John Huntington back at the Palms,” says Palms owner George Maloof. “His creativity and innovation will make Huntington Ink the most incredible tattoo destination in Las Vegas.”

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