Justin Spencer of Recycled Percussion and Legacy X Announces World’s Largest Anti-Bullying Sign

Justin Spencer of Recycled Percussion and Legacy X
Justin Spencer,
founder of Recycled Percussion and Legacy X, has announced plans to make the world’s largest anti-bullying sign. This project sees no boundaries, and no geographical limits – it is so big, so inspirational that they are inviting the entire world to join them. 

[vimeo clip_id=83203839 width=588 byline=0 portrait=0 title=0]Legacy X’s goal is to have a minimum of 20,000 participants of all ages, from schools, businesses and community outreach groups write their own anti-bullying message on a piece of red paper and send it to their headquarters in Las Vegas. Legacy X will bring people of all ages from all parts of the country together, each one leaving their own lasting legacy of what this X represents.

Anyone or any group interested in participating in this project can do so by sending their messages on red paper to the Legacy X Headquarters / 4270 Cameron Street, Suite, Las Vegas, NV 89103 or via email at: social@legacyx.com. All messages should be received at Legacy X Headquarters by March 15, 2014. Should you need any additional information please email your questions to social@legacyx.com. In March Legacy X will take all these pieces of paper to a location in the desert and build a giant “X” which is 2 football fields long by 2 football fields long.

The mission of Legacy X is to create a place where people find their true self, define what their purpose is and a place where we inspire them to leave a legacy they are proud of. Legacy X Founder, Justin Spencer says: “This is a place where people find what they believe their purpose is. We help people execute their passions.”

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