Kris Humphries Celebrates Birthday of Best Friend at XS Las Vegas

Kris Humphries and Josh Ketroser
While his famous ex, Kim Kardashian, grabs headlines from Bonnaroo, Kris Humphries headed to Vegas this weekend for a boys trip in celebration of his best friend Josh Ketroser’s birthday at XS nightclub (Photo credit: Danny Mahoney/XS Las Vegas)

Lil Jon and Kris Humphries

Lil Jon and Kris Humphries

Photo credit: Danny Mahoney/XS Las Vegas.

Arriving shortly after 1 a.m., the group was escorted stage-side to celebrate the birthday boy. Humphries jumped into the booth for a quick greeting and photo opp with headlining DJ Lil Jon before the group moved to a table on the dance floor to continue the festivities.

Ketroser is the agent and long-time friend of the Boston Celtics player. He was also the best man in Humphries wedding to Kim Kardashian.

The entourage partied into the early hours of the morning.

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