Local Band ‘Face First’ to Headline Tommy Rocker’s Cantina & Grill – UNLV 80’s Reunion on May 9

Local Band 'Face First' to Headline Tommy Rocker’s Cantina & Grill - UNLV 80’s Reunion on May 9
Local Rock & Roll Favorite Face First will bring down the house as its original lineup celebrates 30 years of performing in Las Vegas on May 9 (Pictured: Back Row – Polednak, Doctors, Hanson, Tuntland – carried: Anderson)

This special 80’s UNLV Reunion show is set for May 9 at 8 p.m. at Tommy Rocker’s Cantina & Grill, 4275 Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas, Nev., 89103.

Face First will party to the reminiscent cover sounds of Billy Idol, INXS, Bon Jovi, The Cure, Night Ranger, The Romantics and more. They will also do “Tree In Your Eye”, a Face First original.

Each an accomplished musician, the members of Face First were inducted into the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as innovators of the live music scene in the 80s. Face First was inducted in 2013.

Face First in 1985: Anderson (carried), Polednak, Doctors, Hanson, Tuntland

Face First in 1985: Anderson (carried), Polednak, Doctors, Hanson, Tuntland

The original lineup remains intact: Kevin Andersen, keyboards; Steve “Bongo” Doctors, drums; Dirk Hanson, lead vocals; Don Polednak, lead guitar; Ray Tuntland, bass guitar.

Face First got its start in 1985 when five UNLV students formed the group to cover the giant hits of the day. Face First created a cult following at the time, performing in popular UNLV college bar hangouts of the day – Steak Out, Sneakers and Doc ‘N Eddies. During the ‘80s, they created a standing-room only scene in Las Vegas bars and on the UNLV campus. In addition, they headlined a UNLV concert that was touted back then as one of the first “dry fraternity rush” parties for the university.
“Back in the day, we were college guys in different fraternities that decided to form a cover band in the ‘80s just for something to do. What started out as a fun side gig really turned into a full-time experience, and we made a name for ourselves that lasted the entire time we were in college,” said Steven “Bongo” Doctors, Face First drummer.

“Facebook has been an instrumental source to help reunite the band, with many of our friends and old fans trying to locate us,” said Dirk Hanson, lead vocalist. “The band has always kept in touch, remaining great friends to this day. We thought this concert would be a great way for us to get together. We had no idea that our former following would be so receptive,” he said.

“Tommy Rocker gave us our start at UNLV when we opened for him at the ‘Kill Kadafi’ party at the Donald C. Moyer Student Union,” said Don Polednak, guitarist. “It’s sentimental and fitting that 30 years later, we join forces again with Tommy Rocker for this UNLV 80’s rock party,” he said.

Face First:

  • Kevin Anderson (keyboards; current professional musician)
  • Steven “Bongo” Doctors (drummer; current Director of Sales and Marketing for Penn & Teller)
  • Dirk Hanson (lead vocals; current account executive at The Geary Company)
  • Don Polednak. Esq. (lead guitar; current partner/founder of Sylvester & Polednak, Ltd)
  • Ray Tuntland (bass guitar; current commercial real estate broker in Nevada and Utah)

WHAT: Face First – “Reach Around” Tour

WHEN: Saturday, May 9
Performance begins at 8 p.m.

WHERE:  Tommy Rocker’s Cantina & Grill
4275 Dean Martin Drive
Las Vegas, Nev., 89103

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