Minus5 to Put The Chill on Guests This Summer at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

Minus5, which opened America’s first ice lounge at Mandalay Bay in September 2008, will debut their newest location – Minus5 Ice Bar – this August at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. The new Minus5 Ice Bar will include all the frozen beauty of the original including a 1,200-square foot ice encased room where everything is made of 100% Canadian ice including the bar, tables, benches, walls and even the glasses guests drink from. A variety of memorable ice sculptures and unique hand-carved pieces created by some of the world’s most talented ice sculptors will adorn the space and provide the guests who visit each week with a memorable photo backdrop.

“We are really excited to be opening our second Las Vegas location next to the Monte Carlo Theater, home of comedian/impressionist Frank Caliendo, adding to the excitement and entertainment at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino,” said Minus5 Founder and Vice President of Development, Craig Ling. “Minus5 has become a destination location for people who want to experience something truly unique and exciting – and Las Vegas is a natural fit for what we offer.”

Anton Nikodemus, president and COO of Monte Carlo, said, “We always are looking for unique, fun experiences to offer our guests, and Minus5 Ice Bar fits that perfectly. This terrific addition to Monte Carlo’s amenities will bring a new energy to that area of the resort and is certain to be a great success.”

Created in New Zealand, Minus5 is a unique ice-themed experience where guests enjoy quality vodka cocktails served in a glass made of pure ice, all within in the beauty of a -5° Celsius (23° Fahrenheit) ice environment. This chilly experience begins with donning Minus5 parkas, gloves and boots and entering a frozen room complete with ice walls, an ice bar, ice seating covered with faux fur pelts, ice tables, and ice sculptures including a seven foot ice “Elvis.” The experience is rounded out with a sound and LED light show.

Upon exiting, guests can purchase 5 x 7 framed color photographs as a permanent memory of their time spent at Minus5 Ice Bar at Monte Carlo. Those looking to expand on their takeaways can also purchase high-quality Minus5 logo clothing and merchandise in an adjoining retail boutique.

“Minus5 celebrates the art of ice and we continually re-invent the experience by recreating the lounge and sculptures every two or three months,” said Ling. “We take enormous pride in the quality of our product and the uniqueness of this experience. Where else will you wear insulated parkas, gloves and boots in Las Vegas when it’s 100 degrees outside?”

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