Pub 365 Celebrates First Person Ever to Drink Different 365 Beers with Special Tapping Party

Pub 365 Celebrates First Person Ever to Drink Different 365 Beers with Special Tapping Party
PUB 365
, located inside Tuscany Suites & Casino, reached an unprecedented milestone Wednesday night when Las Vegan Mark Sabatini became the first person to drink 365 different beers as part of the Club 365 beer program (Photo credit: TMLphoto/ Te Ann Lakeotes)

Pictured above:  Thaddeus Croskey, Pizza Port Brewing Company representative, Mark Sabatini, Club 365 member, Joseph Montelongo, PUB 365 bar manager, Breanna Lozano, PUB 365 bartender

In celebration of the milestone, Sabatini was awarded with an all-inclusive 2-night, 3-day trip to San Diego where he will enjoy personalized experiences at breweries including Pizza Port Brewery, Mother Earth Brewing, and Ballast Point Brewing.

Mark Sabatini at Pub 365

Mark Sabatini at Pub 365

Photo credit: TMLphoto/ Te Ann Lakeotes.

Sabatini joined Club 365 in October 2016, taking less than nine months to complete this incredible feat. Sabatini claims he was not much of a beer drinker prior to joining Club 365, but his dedication led him to victory.

“This is a huge milestone for PUB 365. To have a customer, who doesn’t consider himself a beer drinker, consume 365 different beers in less than a year since our grand opening is a testament to the quality and taste of our beers,” said Alex Bowden, executive director of operations at Tuscany Suites & Casino.

“I’m extremely competitive, so once I found out about the program, I instantly had my eyes on the 365 beers goal. To be the first person to finish makes drinking the beers that much sweeter,” Sabatini said.

For the 365th beer, Thaddeus Croskey, Pizza Port Brewing Company representative, presented Sabatini with the award-winning Pizza Port Bacon & Eggs Breakfast Coffee Imperial Porter. The canned brew is a limited release beer part of the Pub Release Series from Pizza Port.

Club 365 rewards members for enjoying unique brews with prizes such as free menu items, rare beers, a personalized tap handle on display at PUB 365, and a trip to renowned breweries, encouraging guests to branch out of their comfort zone and try the many styles of beer available at PUB 365.

Pub 365 is live on Facebook (PUB365) and Twitter (@PUB_365) for more information.

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