Recycled Percussion Move High Energy, Junk Rock to All Ages Venue at Tropicana

Recycled Percussion has moved their unique style and power percussion Junk Rock show to the Tiffany Theater at Tropicana. The move permits the band to bring their show to a wider audience by allowing all ages to experience their interactive show.

Formed in 1994 in New Hampshire at their High School talent show, Recycled Percussion’s first performance gave birth to the style of music now known as JUNK ROCK. This small-town band has built their show into one of the more powerful live performances in entertainment. During every show, the band mixes their gritty assault on buckets, power tools or anything else they can get their sticks on with a sense of humor and gravity defying athleticism. The larger stage and venue at Tropicana lets the band do the types of theatrical stunts that they have always wanted to perform.

Continuing the idea launched in early September, show goers at the Tiffany Theater become a part of the performance as they are handed an instrument and a pair of drumsticks allowing them to become the 5th member of the band. Encouraged to play on anything from car parts to random items found around the house (their instrument of choice), guests are called upon throughout the show and each audience member will be able to show their percussion skills along with the band. Now entire families can enjoy the show together as moms and dads can bring their children to play along with the band.

“We are thrilled to have found a new home at Tropicana,” said band founder Justin Spencer. “We have always had a show that caters to all ages so we are so happy to be able to do that in Las Vegas. We have been writing this show for over 4 years now and all of its music and interactive components have come together to create what we feel is one of the most interactive and edgy shows in Las Vegas. When you consider the fact that the audience gets to actually be a part of the show, it means that no two shows will be the same. It’s thrilling to bring our interactive concept to The Strip. And now that we have the ability to play in front of people both young and old… we are really excited to be making that happen.”

Spencer, who has been named the world’s fastest drummer, along with fellow drummer Ryan Vezina, guitarist Jim Magoon and DJ Todd Griffin started to tour the world as Recycled Percussion in 2001 and have averaged over 250 shows a year since. The band was introduced in living rooms across the country on the hit television show “America’s Got Talent” on NBC. The group placed 3rd out of over 100,000 acts and became the first non-singing act to place in the top 3 in show history. The group has appeared on the cover of “USA TODAY” and has performed on the “Today Show,” “Carson Daly,” “Talk Soup,” “Crook and Chase,” and recently played their biggest show ever my performing on China’s Got Talent. The audience at the outdoor stadium was over 80,000 and the home viewership reached over 610 million viewers.

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