Sapphire Foundation for Prostate Cancer to hold Poker and Golf Tournaments on June 7-8

Sapphire Foundation for Prostate Cancer to hold Poker and Golf Tournaments on June 7-8
With Sapphire Foundation in it’s twelfth year the highly anticipated Poker and Golf Tournaments return on June 7 and June 8. 

On June 7-8, 2015, the Sapphire Foundation for Prostate Cancer will host the 12th Annual Charity Poker and Golf Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Foundation is dedicated to advancing research, supporting patients and creating hope for the prostate cancer community. In the 12 years since the events conception, the Sapphire Foundation for Prostate Cancer Poker and Golf Tournament has raised over $1,500,000.

  • On Sunday, June 7, Join the Fred Schneider Poker Tournament. Guests will enjoy a poker night that will include great prizes and a highly competitive poker challenge alongside the Sapphire entertainers, while also raising money for a great cause.
  • On Monday, June 8, guests will play one of the most entertaining rounds of golf ever. The golf event will take place at the prestigious Bali Hai Golf Club with the most beautiful “Caddies” in the world. Cocktails are from 5-7pm at the Sapphire Pool & Day Club, dinner will directly follow.

The Sapphire Foundation for Prostate Cancer is focused on helping men with prostate cancer that need financial assistance for medical expenditures and other financial needs while being treated for prostate cancer. We also hope to motivate men to get tested for the disease as early detection proves to be crucial in the treatment process. The foundation established in 2003 and has generated over $1,500,000 in donations and sponsorships to benefit programs related to the disease, for prostate cancer research and financial assistance for survivors of this disease.

Peter Feinstein, Managing Partner of Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, “The World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club” and The Sapphire Foundation have hosted 11 charity golf and poker tournaments in Las Vegas since the creation of the organization. Due to its tremendous success in Las Vegas, the organization brought the fundraiser to the East Coast to continue to raise funds for prostate cancer victims and awareness to this life-threatening disease.

Feinstein says he felt lucky to survive prostate cancer and wanted help educate the public about prostate cancer and give back to the cause. “As a survivor, I’m extremely grateful for the support and assistance,” said Feinstein. “I love working on these charitable events as it allows us to shed light on prostate cancer, while at the same time, raising money to fight it.”

Feinstein started his own foundation after being rejected by established prostate cancer foundations due to funds generated indirectly through gentlemen’s club activities and none of the established charities Feinstein contacted wanted to be involved. Feinstein is an owner of Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, billed as the largest and most creative of its kind anywhere in the world. He said he was simply trying to do some good when he decided to raise money for prostate cancer victims like himself.

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