Super Spin Bingo at the Plaza Hotel & Casino

Super Spin Bingo at the Plaza Hotel & Casino
The Plaza Hotel & Casino
offers the only bingo room in downtown Las Vegas and now also offers the only Super Spin Bingo Promotion in Las Vegas. 

Played on a 5 ft. high by 10 ft. long, high definition screen in the bingo room, the computerized Super Spin Bingo game offers bingo players more ways to win and creates a new level of excitement in the Plaza’s popular bingo room.

Every player in each bingo session in March and April will receive a raffle ticket when they buy in for the session (limit one raffle ticket per player per session). During the session, a ticket will be drawn and a winner will be announced. The winning raffle ticket holder (Winner) will spin the Promotion Wheel, sponsored by Gaming Arts. (Winner must be present to spin or another raffle ticket will be drawn until a Winner is present). What they can win:

  • When the spin lands on a non-multiplier prize, the Winner will be given a voucher for that prize.
  • If the spin lands on 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, or 10X multiplier, a Money Prize wheel will appear on the screen and the Winner will spin the Money Prize wheel with a second spin.
  • The Money Prize wheel consists of various dollar amounts that will be multiplied by the multiplier from the Winner’s first Promotion Wheel spin, and a $1,000 Grand Prize. The $1,000 Grand Prize will NOT be multiplied by the Promotion Wheel multiplier.
  • If the spin lands on the $1000 Grand Prize the Winner will be issued a $1000 cash voucher.
  • All cash prize Winners will be issued a cash voucher, which must be redeemed at the cashiers cage in the casino.

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