The Best Las Vegas Resorts to Experience the World

Gondola Ride at The Venetian

Gondola Ride at The Venetian

Part of Las Vegas’ lure is its luxurious, internationally-themed resorts and hotels. Visitors already know they will be able to play the slot machines and experiences the casinos and fine dining. 

What they may not realize is that they can also be able to take a gondola ride, see the Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower, walk through a Tuscan lakeside village, and, with the constant turnover in real estate, will soon be able to walk along the Great Wall of China. Once you’ve used Expedia to book a city break to Las Vegas, jot down these top resorts to experience the world during your stay in Las Vegas.


The Bellagio, which opened in 1998 and was remodeled in 2012, features an exterior modeled on a Tuscan lakeside village. Once inside, guests will find mosaic floors, a Mediterranean courtyard setting, the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art (BGFA), the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens and a lobby ceiling filled with 2,000 extraordinary hand-blown glass blossoms called Fiori di Como by glass sculpture Dale Chihuly. Through October 2014, the BGFA will feature “Painting Women: Works from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.” This exhibit will showcase 34 paintings spanning the 18th through 20th centuries by artists including Mary Cassatt, Georgia O’Keeffe, Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun and Berthe Morisot. The Conservatory & Botanical Gardens employs 140 expert horticulturists who care for the plants, flowers and trees as well as seasonally arrange the gazebos, bridges, ponds, and water features.

The 7,000-room Venetian features detailed ceiling frescoes, sculptured figures, a winding canal with floating gondolas and expansive Italian fountains for swimming pools. To add to the Italian authenticity, pigeons have been trained to flap around the piazza, which features the Doge’s Palace and Rialto Bridge. The Venetian is also home to the Imagine Exhibitions Gallery, which features “Da Vinci the Exhibition,” a hands-on exploration of the life and work of the Leonardo Da Vinci. Visitors will have the chance to operate many of the 65 inventions and machines brought to life from Da Vinci’s Codices as well as view his advanced anatomical studies and world-renowned paintings.

Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas

Paris features a half-size Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe on the hotel exterior, while the interior boasts cobbled streets, baguette-stuffed bakeries and Gallic fountains. Rides to top of the Eiffel Tower provide views of the Las Vegas Strip from 46 stories high. Paris also features a variety of themed eateries including its buffet restaurant that offers French regional specialties such as coq au vin and hearty bouillabaisse or mussels and frites from Mon Ami Gabi brasserie.

Legendary Caesar’s Palace is modeled after ancient Rome and includes five towers named Centurion, Roman, Forum, Augustus and Palace as well as eight Roman pools. Caesar’s Spanish Steps, like the original 1725 Rome landmark, are a vibrant outdoor meeting place in an outdoor market atmosphere.


Ever wanted to stay inside a pyramid? The Luxor might be just the ticket. This 4,400-room hotel is a 30-story pyramid constructed of black glass. Visitors are welcomed by a giant sphinx and a replica of Cleopatra’s needle. Inside, you’ll find a rendition of the Great Temple of Ramesses II. The hotel was designed by architect Veldon Simpson and interior designer Charles Silverman and has received recognition as being among the most recognizable hotels on the Strip because of its unique design. It is the second largest hotel in Las Vegas and is named after the city of Luxor (ancient Thebes) in Egypt.


The exterior façade of New York New York features scaled-down replicas of New York City landmarks including the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and Statue of Liberty, and visitors can ride a The Big Apple Coaster, the world’s first coaster to feature a 180-degree “heartline” twist and dive maneuver. The hotel interior features a Greenwich Village theme including fire hydrants and fake graffiti.


Resorts World, Las Vegas’ first new mega-resort in six years, is scheduled to open in 2016. This resort will have Asian influences and feature a replica for the Great Wall of China, red-roofed, pagoda-style buildings and a panda preserve. Malaysia-based Genting Group is developing this multibillion-dollar project that will feature 3,500 hotel rooms, a multi-story casino, upscale restaurants and high-end shopping as part of its initial building phase.

This list of internationally-themed hotels and resorts will offer a great start to your Las Vegas-based trip around the world!

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