The Best Pop Culture Adventures In and Around Las Vegas

The phrase “pop culture” seems to be banded around at will nowadays but what exactly does it mean and how does it affect our lives? Put simply, pop culture is a blanket term which, according to ThoughtCo., was coined in the 19th century and relates to products or activities which are consumed and enjoyed by the general population. Whether it be through television, music or gaming, we are living in a period which is characterized by incessant and diverse entertainment and, since it gained city status back in 1905, Las Vegas has arguably become one of the cornerstones of this movement. As you would expect, Vegas is full of pop culture nuggets due to the influence it’s had on various different industries and sectors over the years and, with that being said, below is a detailed look at how you can embrace Sin City’s contribution to the society we currently live in.

Dedicated Pop Culture Tours

It’s now possible to indulge in numerous walking tours where you can visit the locations of some of the most iconic Las Vegas pop culture sites in history. From the historic El Cortez casino hotel which will be forever associated with the infamous Bugsy Siegel, to a 90 minute walk of downtown Vegas which showcases the city in the media, there are tours which cater to everyone’s taste and give the customer an in-depth look at how pop culture has influenced Sin City and vice versa.

For all of the movie aficionados out there, it’s possible to visit some of the most iconic movie sights from your favorites, including Rain Man and The Hangover, which is ideal if you fancy recreating some of Alan’s antics in some of Vegas’ most iconic casinos. However, those who really want to indulge in Sin City’s pop culture of yesteryear will undoubtedly enjoy the two hour stroll of the Las Vegas strip the most. From global superstars such as Elvis and Michael Jackson, to magicians such as David Copperfield and the more recent Penn and Teller performing at the magnificent MGM Grand, there is a unique chance to learn how Vegas’ entertainment industry has evolved into the powerhouse that we see before us today.

Pop Cultured Themed Gaming

Las Vegas is rightly known as the entertainment capital of the world and this in part down to the abundance of casinos and similar gaming establishments. Even if casinos aren’t really your thing, the architecture surrounding some of the casino hotels is second to none and when lit up at night, Las Vegas is truly one of the most aesthetic destinations on the planet. Because of Vegas’ fascination with celebrity, many of the casinos in and around the city paying homage to some of the world’s greatest entertainment acts of the past and present. As a result, there’s always something to do even if the lure of the casino doesn’t appeal to you and there a number of guides available on sites such as Amazon should you want to pick and choose the establishments you visit.

Popular culture has had a huge effect on the casino in general but has been felt in Sin City more than most – there are a number of pop-culture-inspired slot games which were founded due to the success of Sin City. Slots related to Elvis, Dean Martin and even Frank Sinatra are common sights within the casino walls of Las Vegas and their popularity has led to the development of online versions, which has coincided with the rise in popularity of the online casino. Consequently, sites such as Betway now offer over 400 slot games with many of them themed around current pop culture phenomenon including Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park and the ever-popular comedy Bridesmaids. While the casino may not be to everyone’s taste, it remains an important part of the history of Sin City and pop-culture-themed slots will help to keep the legacy alive for the foreseeable future at least.

Visiting The Locations From Fallout: New Vegas

Bethesda’s extremely popular Fallout gaming franchise boasts some of the best selling video game titles of all time and with the imminent release of Fallout 76 (scheduled for a November 14th release), exploring the “on set” locations of the previous title is definitely worth your time. Fallout: New Vegas received overwhelmingly positive reviews from gaming giants such as IGN and collectors’ editions are still being sold for well over the recommended retail price on sites such as eBay despite the fact that the game was released almost 8 years ago.

Chris Worth from the UK spent $3000 back in 2011 to explore the similarities and differences between real life Vegas and the virtual world that was created in Fallout: New Vegas. Unsurprisingly, the authenticity of Obsidian’s work and attention to detail can be seen throughout the photo comparisons and is unequivocal proof that if you’re dedicated enough, going on a Fallout tour of Las Vegas can be one of the most enjoyable trips to make.

Fallout 4

Pop Culture Is A Cultural Chameleon and Is Here To Stay

The shelf-life of fads and crazes seems to be getting shorter as the years go by but if something is popular, pop culture is sure to embolden it and bring it further into the public eye. In order to enjoy the present we live in and look forward to the future, revisiting our past is vital and there are few better ways to do this than to wander around Las Vegas and soak up the sites and culture associated with what is, in our minds, the greatest city on Earth.

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