The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Unveils New Digital Art Display for This Year’s Chinese New Year Celebration

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Unveils New Digital Art Display for This Year’s Chinese New Year Celebration
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas celebrates Chinese New Year by welcoming the Year of the Dog with a traditional ‘Dotting of the Eyes’ ceremony followed by a festive parade of dancing lions through the resort and casino, a special tasting menu at José Andrés’ China Poblano, and a stunning new digital art display showcased in the main lobby (Photo credit: Erik Kabik /

Also known as the Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year is celebrated during the second new moon after the winter solstice and is a time to wish for peace and happiness. In addition to celebrating with a meal, Chinese New Year festivities traditionally include folkloric dances, fireworks, family gatherings and gifting, visiting friends and relatives, and red decorations for happiness, wealth, prosperity, longevity and good luck in the upcoming year. The Cosmopolitan invites guests to celebrate with the resort in a variety of unique and exciting ways.

2018 Special Events to Include:

Lion Dance
Tuesday, Feb. 20

On Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 3 p.m., the resort will hold its annual ‘Dotting of the Eyes’ ceremony at the main valet, where performers will ‘awaken’ lions by dotting their eyes with red paint. Once awakened, a parade of lions and dancers will march from the valet throughout the casino floor.

Display of New Chinese New Year Digital Column Art
Tuesday, Feb. 13 through Tuesday, Feb. 20

As guests enter the Rockwell Group-designed lobby at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, they encounter a welcoming, open space, with eight large columns wrapped in 48 bezel-less LCD displays. This Chinese New Year, the resort will implement new digital art, shown through the columns, in celebration of the Year of the Dog. Details on the new digital art are below:


Year of the Dog 2018 custom design for The Cosmopolitan by Brian Henry Design

  • This curated icon is modeled after the Golden Retriever breed—synonymous with kindness, strength and a joyful spirit
  • Created specifically for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ 2018 Year of the Dog celebrations, Goldie’s golden fur and tail curls in the shape of The Cosmopolitan “C”

Light the Way Digital Media Show

  • Custom-created in 3D, thousands of virtual silk lanterns quietly ascend into the night sky welcoming guests and enveloping them in rich, vibrant colors, putting a unique Cosmopolitan spin on Chinese New Year
  • Lanterns are the symbol for hope, prosperity and good will towards all, lighting the way to a bright future

Special Tasting Menu at China Poblano

Friday, Feb. 16 through Friday, March 2

The $85 six course tasting menu includes Happy Family Jiaozi, featuring egg, garlic chive and mung bean noodle; Shunde Raw Fish, including yellowtail, soy vinaigrette, Chinese mustard, sorrel and fried mung bean noodle; Lucky Lamb, including grilled lamb skewers, silver needle oat noodle, lamb broth and yogurt; The Chicken or the Egg, including chicken, egg tofu, black bean sauce, pickle sweet pepper and ice plant; Swimming in Harmony, including seared black cod, soy fume and fried shiso leaf; The Dragon’s Pearl, including coconut tapioca, white sesame ice cream, matcha meringue and lychee boba.

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