The Joy of Sake Announces Restaurant Lineup for Las Vegas Debut at Caesars Palace on Sept. 19

The Joy of Sake Announces Restaurant Lineup for Las Vegas Debut at Caesars Palace on Sept. 19
Tuna sashimi with black truffle and parmesan. Smoked shrimp ceviche with sweet potato chips. And beef tataki with truffle, marrow and foie gras aioli. Luxe flavors rule the lineup of appetizers coming to The Joy of Sake’s Las Vegas debut at Caesars Palace

Twelve of the city’s top restaurants are participating in the Sept. 19 sake festival. The only requirements? Appetizers must be oishii, or delicious, and like the best sake dishes, they must complement the flavors of 391 of the best daiginjo, ginjo and junmai sakes in the world.

  • District One — Asparagus and Crab Soup, French-Vietnamese style
  • Japaneiro — Beef tataki with truffle, marrow and foie gras aioli
  • Kyara — Country-style Soup with pork, tofu, konyaku, carrot and burdock, Original Style Chicken Giblets with jalapeno
  • Other Mama — Smoked Shrimp Ceviche with sweet potato chips
  • Raku — Fresh Sashimi Slicing Station
  • Roy’s — Braised Pork Belly, garlic stir-fry ramen, huckleberry compote, uni sauce
  • Sushi Roku — Tuna Sashimi with black truffle and parmesan cheese
  • Sushi Samba — Salmon Tiradito (salmon, garlic chips, garlic ponzu, kinkan honey)
  • Tapas by Stratta — Charred Octopus Salad
  • Tonkatsu Kiyoshi — Pork Loin Katsu mini-sandwiches
  • Yonaka — Sake Orenji (Scottish salmon, orange supremes, yuzu, tobiko, ponzu, micro arugula, orange oil)
  • Zenshin — Whole Barbecue Pig with malasadas and black sesame sauce

All the dishes are included in the ticket price. Nearby, tables arranged by sake category will offer self-serve premium sakes, allowing guests to explore and discover which they like best.

The Joy of Sake is the world’s largest sake celebration outside Japan. This year it brings 381 fresh sakes in peak condition from every brewing region of Japan and 10 from the U.S. All have been judged by a panel of Japanese and American sake experts at the U.S. National Sake Appraisal, which takes place in Honolulu each July. Fresh bottles of all the sakes, including gold and silver award winners, are opened for guests to enjoy at The Joy of Sake. Now in its fifteenth year, The Joy of Sake drew a record 1,600 sake enthusiasts in Honolulu on July 31. After Las Vegas it heads to Tokyo, where it finishes its world tour on Nov. 5.

Tickets are $75 per person ($85 at the door) and are available online at

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