The Kids in the Hall Take No Prisoners in Treasure Island Debut June 5

The Kids in the Hall Take No Prisoners in Treasure Island Debut June 5
Notorious Canadian sketch comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall will hit the Mystere stage at Treasure Island Friday, June 5 at 9 p.m., in the group’s first tour in six years. 

On their long-running, landmark comedy series, The Kids in the Hall offered audiences a peek into the absurd and bizarre behavior of the average human being. The groundbreaking five-man sketch comedy troupe was discovered by SNL’s Lorne Michaels in the late 1980s, who took their blockbuster live shows from the packed performance spaces in and around Toronto, Canada and brought it into the living rooms of an American audience desperate for hilarious, edgy, timeless, REAL takes on who we are and what we think when we’re not trying to be polite. No subject is too sacred; no corner of the human experience is too strange or too scary to hide from the blisteringly funny Kids in the Hall.

After their initial 1989-1994 run on HBO and then CBS, The Kids in the Hall continued to air in syndication on Comedy Central throughout the 1990s while the troupe wrote and starred in “Brain Candy”, a film which went on to develop a devoted cult following. After filming on “Brain Candy” was completed, the troupe members disbanded to explore various solo projects, including Dave Foley’s “Newsradio”, which enjoyed both a lengthy run on NBC and considerable critical acclaim.

The Kids in the Hall reunited in 1999 for their first post-series live tour. Titled “Same Guys, New Dresses”, the North American tour was a tremendous success, and yielded another troupe film with the same title. Over the past 15 years, the troupe has regularly divided their time between solo and troupe projects, including two more tours and an eight-part mini-series titled “Death Comes to Town”, which aired in 2010 on IFC in the US and on CBC in Canada.

All five original cast members ­Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson have reunited for a show that will feature both characters well-known and loved by fans of their original show and entirely new material.

Tickets are available starting at $49.95, plus tax and handling fees, and can be purchased online at, or by calling the box office at 866-712-9308 or 702-894-7722. Guests must be 18 years or older to attend.

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