The Plaza Hotel & Casino Installs A One-Of-A-Kind Las Vegas Casino Carpet

The Plaza Hotel & Casino Upgrade: A One-Of-A-Kind Las Vegas Casino Carpet
The Plaza Hotel & Casino
has installed a new carpet on its casino floor that was exclusively designed for the property to visually epitomize its iconic brand and downtown Las Vegas flair. 

Designed by Sarit Werner, an experienced graphic artist for several national brands, the carpet’s repeat pattern features a variety of colorful elements and icons related to gaming, the desert and the Rat Pack era of Las Vegas when the Plaza first opened. Some of the graphics featured in the carpet include: starbursts, high heels, lips, showgirls, palm trees, roses, flowers, fireworks, cherries, dice, gambling chips, martini glass with olives, diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs, hearts, sunglasses, and bubbles.

Werner’s inspiration for the one-of-a-kind carpet design came from the vintage Vegas brand of the Plaza complimented by modern artistic influences such as the murals by Shepherd Fairy, D’Face and Faile on the Plaza’s North Tower, posters by Tadanori Yokoo, textiles of Josef Frank, and comic pop art by Roy Lichtenstein. Overall, she sought to visually present the excitement and fun of the casino while paying homage to the vintage Vegas vibe of the Plaza and downtown Las Vegas.

Creating the final product took several months. After an initial visit to the Plaza and preliminary concept sketches, Werner designed each of the more than two dozen individual graphics of the carpet and then arranged them into a unique, non-directional pattern. She then worked closely with a leading flooring manufacturer to achieve the final repeat pattern, fine tones and nuances of the carpet’s cut and looped texture.

On the casino floor, the repeat pattern is used on the main walkways. Four 15-foot medallions with a complimentary stars and fireworks design are located where the pathways meet.

The feedback on the carpet has been overwhelmingly positive. Photos of the new carpet have attracted tens of thousands of impressions on social media, getting noticed by tourists, media and celebs like Holly Madison.

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