The Spirit of Elvis is alive and well thanks to Las Vegas’ top Elvis impersonator, Steve Connolly

The Spirit of Elvis is alive and well thanks to Las Vegas' top Elvis impersonator, Steve Connolly
“Spirit of The King” is produced by comedian and magician Mike Hammer and performed by Steve Connolly in the Canyon Club Show Room at the Four Queens Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. 

This is the same venue as the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show show so you can see the funniest magician in town (7pm) and the greatest Elvis impersonator (9pm) in the same night.

The Las Vegas Strip is filled with Elvis impersonators. With the right wig, sunglasses and sequined jumpsuit anyone can look vaguely like Elvis. A few can sing like Elvis, too. But most exaggerate the King’s singing, dancing and gestures to the point of making him look a cartoon character.

In my mind there is only one true Elvis impersonator: Steve Connolly. But referring to Connolly as an Elvis “impersonator” doesn’t even come close to describing the gifts this man brings to the stage.

Steve Connolly in "Spirit of the King"

Steve Connolly in “Spirit of the King”

Connolly performs a perfect Elvis impression in every sense; he looks, sings, dances, moves and talks like Elvis. He has mastered all of Elvis’ gestures and expressions – even the most subtle ones – but he uses them wisely and sparingly. The result is the most realistic and entertaining Elvis performance I’ve seen.

Connolly begins the show by singing several of Elvis’ greatest hits backed by a rock n’ roll soundtrack.

About halfway through the show, Connolly changes to an all-leather outfit similar to the one Elvis wore in his Live Comeback Special. The backing tape is turned off as Connolly picks up an electric guitar. He’s a superb guitarist and after teaching us a little history about how music like gospel and blues influenced Elvis, he knocks out several more Elvis hits, deftly accompanying himself on the guitar.

“Spirit of The King” isn’t just a series of straight impressions. Connolly uses his singing, dancing and acting skills to put his own spin on Elvis classics such as Love Me Tender, Blue Suede Shoes, Don’t Be Cruel, Jailhouse Rock, and of course Viva Las Vegas. He truly channels the “spirit” of Elvis when he performs.

Between songs he tells jokes and stories just like Elvis did in his concerts.

Connolly also interacts well with the audience. A few lucky women got serenaded by Connolly and seemed to be having time of their lives.

Steve Connolly in "Spirit of the King"

Steve Connolly in “Spirit of the King”

During Connolly’s show I often felt like I was watching video clips from Elvis’ movies and TV shows. His impressions are that good. He brought back many fond memories of The King.

After the show, Connolly greeted audience members and posed for pictures with them.

“Spirit of The King” is the only showroom-style Elvis performance in town. After just six months Connolly is nearly filling the Canyon Club. He brings an amazing amount of talent and energy to the Four Queens and clearly deserves this venue.

Connolly’s show must be a big hit with the casino, too. Whenever casino executives see a happy, energized crowd exiting a showroom it means just one thing: these people are in the mood to buy drinks and play slot machines!

As Connolly himself said, “Elvis has not quite left the building”.

Steve ConnollySteven Connolly performs “Spirit of The King” 9:00pm Tuesday-Saturday in the Canyon Club Show Room at the Four Queens Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. Steve Connolly remains the only entertainer depicting Elvis to be chosen by the staff of The Las Vegas Review-Journal in consecutive years as “Best Elvis in Las Vegas.”  Buy Tickets Here!

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