Vegas Casino Tips for New Tourist Visitors

There are many regular visitors of casinos who love to play casino games once a day and a few who prefer to play it weekly in their free hours. There are also people who are new to the casino world so they must learn what tactics to follow and how to play the game correctly. These days you can practice for free at online casinos with all the popular games, without risking any real money or the need to travel to a real casino.

Regular visitors and locals know what things to consider while travelling to a casino. There are numerous casinos all around the world and they have certain rules which the player needs to follow. The people who are used to casinos are frequent visitors who are aware of all norms and conditions but for the new ones it may be a bit confusing. Many people have a keen desire to visit the casinos and experience the exciting lifestyle but for a good experience they need to keep some points in mind and act accordingly. The local people are aware of all casino facts but the tourists who come from far away places to visit the casino need to know few things first. Among the various popular casino hubs, Vegas is the most populated one which attracts large numbers of people due to its exciting casino features like marvelous restaurants, unforgettable shows, attractive casino hubs and many more.

This information is provided for the visitors who come long way to visit the Vegas casinos which are very popular for their game variations and exciting casino gaming options. The tourist who visits Vegas casino for first time and wants to gamble must learn some key points that can help them maximize their profits and increase their winning amounts.

Key points the tourist should consider when visiting Vegas casino for the first time:

This guide will help you learn how to maximize your bank roll and how to use your expenses without wasting time and just focusing on the game play.

  • Check the distance from the airport to the casino site:

Upon reaching the airport the tourist will start searching on maps to find their nearby casino hub. This is the best option to find the correct path to the casino  but sometimes the map may show the distance as closer than it really is. It is preferred to avoid walking and wasting time and to use buses, taxis and the Vegas monorail as the best options.

  • Avoid buying drinks in the casino:

Tourists who are visiting the casino for the first time may not be aware about this fact but shouldn’t buy drinks as they enter the casino and instead should wait for the cocktail waitress to approach them. Most casinos will give you free drinks if you are playing one of their table games or slot machines. The waitress may take some time to reach you but it’s better to wait then to waste money by buying the drink from the casino bar.

Have your drink on casino floor to reduce drink expenses and make more money available to spend later on some special performance or entertainment show.

  • Have a smart plan:

While planning to visit a Vegas casino, visitors will have ample options and might easily get confused. But there is nothing to worry about, you just need to calculate your expenses and bank roll and make a move accordingly. After considering all the hotels and casinos, you should decide which one is most suitable and affordable for you.

Now after reaching the casino you should take a rest and then walk all around to get familiarized with the things available there including the restaurant, seating areas and casino gaming vending machines.

  • Things to carry along with:

It’s advised to carry a light jacket even if it is sunny outside because new visitors may be unaware of the chilling temperature that is inside a casino due to high-capacity air conditioners. It’s also advised to carry a good sunscreen as well as a water bottle as the sunny weather outside may cause sunburn or some serious problem to the skin. The water bottle is a must because it’s easy to get dehydrated on the way.

  • Sign up instead of going for direct game play:

It is advised to sign up for players cards instead of entering directly into the gambling world. These cards provide discounts on shows, food in the restaurants, entertainment shows and other advantages. You can use your anywhere within the casino and can get discounts and information with just one swipe.

  • Gambling lessons:

Many Vegas casinos offer free gambling lessons. Players who are new to the gambling world should take these lessons before entering into actual game. The lessons provide a primer on rules and the various aspects of casino games are discussed. The basics of gambling are explained in a very detailed manner which will help the new player to clear all their doubts related to the game play.

  • Advised to avoid peak dinner times:

The Vegas casinos are very crowded during the peak time of 6 to 8 pm. New visitors should have their dinner between 5 to 5.30 or 8.30 to 9 pm, otherwise you may get exhausted while waiting for the crowd to disperse.

  • Wait for the cabs instead of  getting hurried:

It’s better to wait for a taxi cab instead going for local transport mediums because cabs will drop you off safely. If you don’t feel safe riding alone then consider the option of ride sharing. In this way there are many other riders and the fare price would also get reduced. This allows you to travel safely with other passengers.

  • Take pictures everywhere:

New visitors should carry their phone charger along with them and take as many pictures as possible to record your memorable moments. It will also help remind you of all spots you’ve visited and the people you met in the casino.

  • Be prepared for every situation:

Las Vegas is considered as an adult paradise so you need to be open minded. If you find that the things are not going according to his plan then there is nothing to get worried about, just go with flow. Instead of getting panicked, just take a deep breath and discover things with a cool mind.

  • Don’t get over excited:

Don’t get over excited on slot machine games as this can lead to some wrong moves which may result in a big loss. Sometimes people get influenced by their surroundings and this may lead to failure. For example, if others are placing high bets then other players may follow suit and also bet without considering their bank roll. So it is advised to play securely and calmly without getting influenced by anyone else.

  • Know the proper etiquette:

Carry yourself smartly. This not only includes the dressing sense of the person but also the etiquette of talking with others, how to sit and stand and even how to walk. For example if a chair is empty then it doesn’t mean the person should directly go and sit there, he must first ask whether the seat is occupied by someone else.

These are the key points that new visitors need to keep in mind while visiting a Vegas casino. Vegas casinos are very large so the person needs not to get worried by seeing the surrounding area. Be patient and if you find it difficult to find something out, feel free to ask for help. The above points are a very good and helpful guideline tips for new visitors to make good gambling decisions and play a wise game.

The guidelines provided by each game must be given a quick reading so that the player does not make any mistake while playing the game and can have an amazing time in a Vegas casino.

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