Viva Las Vegas: The Spiritual Home of Gambling

While Vegas’ status as a mecca for gamblers in unlikely to change among traditionalists, however, there is little doubt that there are challenges to this mantle in the form of technology, politics and various socio-economic issues.

Recently, it was announced that Baccarat winning on the Las Vegas Strip had fallen by a staggering 36% to $97 million in October. This echoed the strains of a similar decline in Macau, where a crackdown on corruption in China has had a devastating impact on high-end game play. Cumulative casino revenue also fell by 5.6% to $520 million last month, and while regulators are not overly concerned at present there is certainly to plug this gap and generate revenue from alternative sources until the issue is resolved.

A longer-term issue is the rise of technology, which is offering a viable and diverse alternative to the type of experience available on the strip. Many of the casino outlets in Vegas have diversified into this market, as they look to boost revenue and capitalise on rising levels of demand for remote, interactive gaming experiences. This may actually help bricks and mortar establishments to boost their bottom line profit margins, however, while also replicating the Vegas Strip experience in homes throughout the world.

In many ways, this market evolution embodies the unique spirit of Las Vegas and the millions of travellers who flock there every single year. More specifically, it turns a potential issue or challenge into an opportunity, both for the gamblers themselves and the companies that deliver gaming experience across both offline and online formats. By embracing online gaming and diversifying this sector, Las Vegas casinos are offering flexibility to their customers and continuing a legacy that has survived since the turn of the twentieth century.

It is this that will forever fortify Vegas’ reputation as the spiritual home of gambling. This will remain both in terms of offline and online gaming, and the prevalence of virtual casinos will not deter gamblers from trekking across the globe to share the quintessential gaming experience. This is especially true when you consider the world class hotels and accommodation available, which add to the overall experience and contribute towards a once in a lifetime adventure. So even if you have developed an affinity with online gambling, a trip to the famous Las Vegas strip is one that should never be declined.

NOTE: If you are struggling with gambling addiction or if you think that you might be a compulsive gambler, there are a few free resources that can help. It takes more courage to seek help than it does to maintain the status quo, harming yourself and everyone around you.

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