Why Some Senators Would Like to Outlaw Online Gambling

In the foreseeable future, virtual casino game players in the United States are more than likely to lose the opportunity to enjoy their favorite gambling pastimes, all because of a legal act proposed by two senators which, if adopted, will seriously contradict the course towards online gambling legalization taken by President Obama and his administration.

Up until 2011, there was no possibility at all for the US gamblers to engage in betting/wagering activities on the Internet legally, as virtual gambling was simply prohibited as such. Then, finally, an official permission was given to casino operators by the federal Justice Department that enabled them to come out of the shadow and start offering their services legally. Still, the official had nothing to do with sports betting portals – these were banned.

Last month, Republican senators Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) and Marco Rubio (Florida), both running as candidates in 2016 US presidential election, came up with a draft that essentially revives the much talked Restoration of America’s Wire Act of 1961 and seeks to prohibit Internet casinos and gambling portals in the United States completely again.

Speaking of the “expanded gambling”, Senator Rubio, one of the co-sponsors of this act, sees it as “presenting many challenges”, because, in his, opinion, as far is online casino gaming is concerned, the “safeguards to protect people from fraud and addiction are harder to enforce”. Rubio finds the Justice Department to have made a serious mistake by absolutely ignoring Congress and taking a one-sided decision to stretch the existing legal act and in such a start the Internet gambling’s ball rolling, and, as Rubio suggests, the ban on online casino games should definitely be re-instated before the following steps are discussed.

Currently, in just three of all fifty US states – Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey – it is legal for virtual gambling portals to conduct their activities, while in several other states gambling portals offer services to local players unofficially, or, simply put, unlawfully. Another bad news is that thanks to Senators Rubio and Graham efforts, there will soon be no possibility for people to purchase state lottery tickets online, with retail locations remaining the only option to do so.

Why Bitcoin may serve as a solution to this problem?
Many have understood already that Bitcoin provides a perfect chance to still play casino games legally (or, at least, not illegally) and enjoy Bitcoin sports betting, occasionally enjoying a set of great options and possibilities that the BTC tech enables us to access, including decentralized instant transactions, lowest possible commission fees, payment anonymity, and the absence of necessity to use other traditional real-money electronic payment methods. Bitcoin just needs some ‘polishing’ in order to become an ultimate means of payment that virtual gamblers from all the world will switch to make their lives easier.

Resources such as Gamblers Anonymous
If you or someone you know is a compulsive gambler, there are free resources in Las Vegas to help.

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