5 Fun Activities to Do in Las Vegas for Women

Whether you’re planning a bachelorette party or a reunion or heading to Las Vegas with a group of female friends, there’s a ton of fun to be had. However, if you hit the Strip and pick out everything that looks enjoyable, then you’ll burn through your budget far more quickly than you’d anticipate. Instead, spend some time in advance planning out some fun activities. Not only will it help you have a general guideline of what you and your friends would like to spend money on, but it will also help you to enjoy the trip to the fullest.  

The average trip length to Vegas is 3.2 nights, and if you and your girlfriends need to stick to a budget, there are some excellent ways to save money on your tickets to shows and hotel stay. And with any luck, you may even be able to find some free things to do in Las Vegas so that you can keep your budget to a minimum.

So, without further ado, here are five fun activities for women to do in Las Vegas to get you started.

Get Together for Cocktail Hour

First and foremost, be sure to set aside time on your ladies’ trip for an evening cocktail hour. Cocktails at the Skyfall Lounge at Delano will allow you to enjoy a scenic view of the city while you unwind with a beverage and make plans for the next day. The Skyfall features specialty cocktails and creative plates, a spectacular view of the city and a laid-back atmosphere that you’re sure to enjoy.

Schedule a Photo Session

If you’d like to take photos of your Las Vegas vacation that you can enjoy for years to come, then be sure to schedule a group photo session at a scenic destination. Even better, if you have a car during your vacation, then consider taking a day trip to the Valley of Fire State Park. The photos you’ll obtain will be worth the trip. The Springs Preserve is also a great destination for scenic photos with your besties. You’ll have access to 180 acres of natural beauty, and it’s only 3 miles outside of Las Vegas.

Valley of the Fire State Park

Valley of the Fire State Park

Photo by Clément Bardot / CC BY-SA 3.0

Solve a Mystery

When you’re ready to beat boredom, consider working together to solve a mystery. CSI: The Experience is an interactive adventure that mystery lovers and crime drama buffs are sure to enjoy. The event, located at the MGM Grand, absorbs guests in an interactive crime-solving drama. Test DNA, gather evidence and work together to figure out who the killer is before the clock runs out. 

Enjoy Memorable Meals

While in Las Vegas, you must spend some time enjoying some of the best food that the city has to offer. One way to do this is by being sure to catch one of the larger buffets. Another is to research restaurants before you go and select a few specific ones that you’d like to enjoy while you’re there. Whether you prefer a neighborhood diner or the Lago where you can watch the Bellagio fountain while you eat, you are sure to find the meal you want. Vegas truly does have it all.

Bellagio Fountains at Night

Bellagio Fountains at Night

Photo by Photographersnature / CC BY-SA 3.0  

Spend a Day Poolside

When you’re having fun in the desert, it’s easy to get overheated. So, cool off with an evening, or even an entire day, spent lounging by the pool. Many of the casinos even have rooftop pools that offer special amenities. So, whether you’d like a pool with a bar, one that has adults-only access or one where you can enjoy both drinks and appetizers poolside, Vegas doesn’t disappoint. Plan your trip to include some time in the water, relaxing and soaking in the Nevada sun. 

Spending some time planning your trip ahead of time will help ensure that you can enjoy all the activities that you want and save your budget in the process. A lot of it boils down to planning out which things you most want to do with your girlfriends and spending your money as carefully as possible while you vacation together. 

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