A Call to Action for Local Foster Kids: More Volunteers are Needed

CASA Kids Event at Emerge Day Salon & Spa
Sunday, May 23rd was a very special day for 50 local foster children. They received the royal treatment thanks to Emerge Day Salon & Spa on South Grand Canyon Drive in Las Vegas, and Rachel’s Kitchen in Summerlin. 

CASA Kids Event at Emerge Day Salon & Spa

CASA Kids Event at Emerge Day Salon & Spa

The owners and employees of Emerge and Rachel’s Kitchen donated their time and talents and good food to give a memorable day to children represented by CASA volunteers. Also providing assistance for the event were the foster parents, CASA volunteers, Revage Spa, Carmen’s Beauty Supply, Wild Truffles Catering, The Ultimate Party Store, and Musician David De La Paz.

CASA Kids Event at Emerge Day Salon & Spa

CASA Kids Event at Emerge Day Salon & Spa

Foster Care in Clark County 
Currently around 3,500 children are living in foster care in Clark County. Most of the children simply need a place to reside temporarily before they are returned to their biological family. For those children who can’t return to their biological family, adoption provides these children with a permanent family to call their own. Foster and adoptive parents, and CASA volunteers are a valuable resource for the children, their biological families, and the entire community.

But MORE volunteers are needed in Clark County to help these children, and CASA is the solution.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada, believes that all children have the right to safe, healthy, stable homes, free from abuse and neglect. CASA volunteers are trained to advocate for the best interest of abused and neglected children in the Court system. Roughly 220 CASA volunteers strive to improve the quality of life for approximately 600 foster children annually. However, more volunteers are needed to speak up for the more than 3,500 Clark County children who are in foster care, to ensure that their best interests are represented.

Residents Interested In Volunteering as a CASA
Residents interested in volunteering can also call the Program Office, or visit the website.

CASA Foundation The CASA Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and support child advocacy through the CASA Program. The CASA Foundation also helps to financially support the unmet needs of foster children, i.e. tutoring, scholarships, emergency clothing, sporting fees and equipments, camps, music, dance, gymnastics, graduation expenses, proms, dental, orthodontia and more, that might otherwise go unmet, due to the lack of public agencies’ funding. Contact the CASA Foundation and Laura Rodriguez. Call 455-4306 or go to the website, www.CasaLasVegas.org .

Photos courtesy of Creative Vision Communications.

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