A Full Guide to Marijuana and Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the playground for adults, has all the requirements for the adult cannabis user, twenty-four action, excitement, and no hassle from the cops for purchasing your weed, adds to the experience, and appeal for smoking marijuana while on vacation in Vegas.

Medicinal cannabis was legalized in Nevada on November 7, 2000. However, it took 15 more years before we could walk into a dispensary and purchase our legal marijuana edibles, or herb needed for smoking marijuana. The full legalization of cannabis use for over 21 years and over was finally passed in 2016, November 8. Thanks to the Nevada Marijuana Legislation Initiative.

Cannabis is legal in Nevada but be mindful of where you are consuming the bud. Legally marijuana can only be consumed while you are on private property. Age 21 and older permits you to possess an ounce of weed for personal use. Remember to bring legal ID. Driver’s license or passport are acceptable ID when purchasing cannabis products, including CBD products. If you choose to consume hash or concentrates, you can also have 3.5 grams on your person without facing a penalty. Those papers or grinders that you have in your stash bag are also penalty-free if you are 21 or older. Medical marijuana users over the age of 18 can purchase their medicine without penalty in Nevada. Medical marijuana sales are tracked in Nevada; recreational marijuana is not tracked.

Vacationing in Las Vegas for cannabis users have some rules to follow, here are some of those relevant laws:

  • Hotels rooms are not classed as private residences, therefore do not fall under legal consumption areas for smoking marijuana
  • No smoking on the street or sidewalks or in the casino
  • If caught consuming in public, you could face a fine of $600

The dispensaries located in Las Vegas are not allowed legally to take up residence on the Strip. The law requires the dispensaries to be outside of gaming corridor. There is an exception to the ruling; the industrial corridor which houses Planet 13, this may be one of the largest dispensaries in Las Vegas, and Reef Dispensary, is available for you within easy walking distance from The Wynn and The Palazzo resorts.

Las Vegas welcomes tourists to experience all that it has to offer; this now includes cannabis in all forms. Here are some of the finest cannabis dispensaries to visit while on vacation or when visiting Las Vegas.

  • One of the largest recreational dispensaries in Las Vegas and perhaps the world is Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace, located on Native Tribal Lands. This dispensary carries CBD oil, flowers and edibles vape pens, and many more products and paraphernalia.
  • Reef Dispensaries located a few blocks from the Las Vegas strip receives visits from celebrities often while providing Wiz Khalifa Kush and Berner Exotizk line. Look forward to the experienced budtenders that can help with medical marijuana needs.
  • Thrive Cannabis Marketplace will assist in providing the best product for easing the pain. Edibles in the form of gummies and bars are available for purchase.
  • Canopi offers sun-grown cannabis with edibles like chocolate mint bars, delicious mouthwatering gummies and suckers are part of the menu from this dispensary on 3rd St in Vegas
  • Oasis Cannabis is a 24hr. dispensary that focuses on organic marijuana products. For edible consumers, there is an abundance of choices from cannabis beef jerky to green apple caramel chews and dark chocolate bars.
  • Acres Cannabis is a locally sourced dispensary providing marijuana grown in Amargosa Valley. The open-view kitchen offers THC-infused dough-nuts chocolate drizzled popcorn and irresistible candy.
  • ReLeaf Dispensary caters to medicinal and recreational consumers offering suckers brownies lemonade and dried fruit.
  • Blackjack Collective Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary is ideally located between downtown Las Vegas and the Strip. Incredible gummies chocolate caramels and fruit punch are items available on the menu. Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains are available.

Online ordering is available for Nevada residents with a medical marijuana card, and delivery is available.

If you are looking for restaurants that can fulfill your need for CBD-infused drinks look no further than:

  • VegeNation to supply your hot CBD Feel Good Tea a delicious ginger tea infused with CBD oil
  • Ah-Sah-EE a casual vegan restaurant with a menu that allows you to add CBD oil to any of the offered juices, teas and smoothies that this restaurant provides
  • Juice Stars offers CBD in the famous smoothies and juice on their menu intended to promote energy and gives an immunity-boosting power
  • Pour Coffeehouse offers coffee with a CBD oil dosage around 125mg. Delicious smoothies with pistachios, turmeric, and ginger are part of the menu from this smoothie bar

Las Vegas is the adult playground and proudly displays signs insisting that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Cannabis is included in that saying; don’t travel with the herb, laws vary in each state, and there are plenty of dispensaries available for you to purchase cannabis legally. Remember to enjoy responsibly!

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