A Guide to Picking the Best Shisha Flavor According to Your Mood

If you are someone who loves to pull shisha, disappearing rings of smoke in the wind please you and flavored fumes of shisha make you ecstatic, then it means you are already a shisha maniac. And like any other shisha maniac, you know selecting the right shisha flavor is always an obstacle for the cherished shisha experience. 

There are so many shisha flavors in the market, but not every flavor is for you. Some flavors might turn out to be a punch in the face of your love for shisha – yes, some can be that bad, bitter, or tasteless.

To sustain, maintain, and retain your love for shisha, here is an ultimate guide to select the best shisha tobacco for you.

A Guide to Picking the Best Shisha Flavor According to Your Mood

A Sprinkle of Sweetness:

If you like to have a tropical experience with an additive pinch of sweetness and fruity aroma, then fruit flavors are the best pick for you. Eating your favorite fruit is an old thing, smoking it is the new deal and the most happening one. And you will crave to have more of it – it is that amazing!

From orange, melon, apple, peach, strawberry to berries, you can choose any fruit flavor to add sweetness in the bitterness of the tobacco. And if you will mix two fruit flavors, then get ready to experience fruity ride and rush of a sweet smell.

Refreshing Gush:

Get together with friends after a tiring day is always enthralling. But what if you had a hell tiring day, and you even don’t have enough energy to chuckle along with your friends?

If you are lazily sitting on the couch when the rest of the squad is in a party mood, you will ruin the fun of the day. Instead of becoming a show spoiler, have mint flavor shisha to refresh yourself and become a show stealer.

Mint flavor of shisha does the same wonder as the mint: sweeps gush of freshness within you and alerts you. If you are looking for an enthralling wave of freshness that winds activation key of your mind and body, then mint flavor shisha is definitely for you.

Unique Touch:

Those who think shisha is all about fun and experiments will have some funky shisha flavors to satisfy their experimental instinct.

Forget about mint and fruity flavors; gum flavor is also an old affair; now you can get a flavor of your favorite alcohol and soda to smoke.

From Cola, Pina Colada, Margarita to Cherry Cola, you can smoke any of these soda flavors to give a unique touch to your shisha experience.

If you want to experience an adrenaline rush, then mix two different flavors from different categories, and make a new flavor: adventurous flavor. And you never know that your experiment will give you your new favorite shisha flavor.

Mix watermelon flavor and alcohol flavor and see what you will get, and how about adding a pinch of mint flavor, too? Sounds interesting – no? Even if it does not tas


te good, the interest factor will surely be there. And don’t we all love shisha due to this factor – eh?


Whether you are sitting in a lavishing bar or café, or sitting in your room, the right shisha flavor has the power to transform your surroundings into a wonderland. Yes, the right shisha flavor can take you in your cherished utopia to get escape from the worries of this world.

Select the shisha flavor according to your mood, and get ready to enjoy its wonders.

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