CES: Broadcasters and Manufacturers Ready Wide Array of Mobile Digital Television Services and Devices for 2011

Broadcasters are planning city-by-city rollouts of Mobile Digital Television in 2011 while device manufacturers ready more than two dozen new receivers, tablets, and accessories to meet expected consumer demand for TV channels “on the go.”

International CES attendees this week are getting a preview of new products and experiencing Mobile DTV’s astounding capabilities at the CES Mobile DTV TechZone, sponsored by the Open Mobile Video Coalition, and in a variety of exhibition sites throughout Las Vegas as more manufacturers jump on board the Mobile DTV bandwagon.

Local broadcasters are poised to offer a wide variety of viewers’ favorite shows and sporting events, along with real-time news, weather and traffic – an affordable “real TV on the go” experience. With nearly 70 stations already on the air, broadcasters are now upgrading their transmission systems to offer a variety of Mobile DTV channels. A comprehensive listing of broadcasters offering and planning Mobile DTV signals is now available on the “Signal Map” tab of the OMVC web site home page at www.OMVC.org.

In Central Hall (9442 to 9741) at CES, the Mobile DTV TechZone features a wide assortment of new products and technology demonstrations that highlight Mobile DTV’s flexibility and capabilities:

  • The world’s first Mobile DTV broadcast of 3D TV to an LG handheld mobile DTV, with no glasses needed for three-dimensional viewing;
  • Tivizen with 30-pin connector for the iPad and iPhone, from Valups;
  • Winegard’s cioTV, with the industry’s largest display for the automobile;
  • New USB receivers from DTVinteractive and Hauppauge Computer Works;
  • iPhone Mobile DTV reception and new tablets from Cydle;
  • Mobile Digital TV Wi-Fi stations from iMovee and Crestech;
  • Mobile Content Venture and the Mobile500 Alliance, Mobile DTV consortia which together represent hundreds of broadcast stations, will demonstrate services and discuss 2011 launch plans for Mobile DTV.

The Mobile DTV TechZone is sponsored by the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC), whose members own and operate more than 900 TV stations nationwide. Photographs of the new products and additional information from Mobile DTV exhibitors are available now in the OMVC’s digital news room: www.tinyurl.com/OMVCmedia.

Additionally, new Mobile DTV products will be on display at other exhibitors including RCA, Vizio, Siano, Audiovox, Enspert, and others throughout Las Vegas.

“With broadcasters now announcing their rollout plans for Mobile DTV in cities throughout the country, we’re delighted to see such a rich variety of new consumer products being readied for retail and on display this week at the International CES. Consumers who have tried Mobile DTV in the nation’s capital on a variety of devices agree: it’s great to have your favorite channels, as well as real-time news, weather, and traffic, with you wherever you go,” said Vince Sadusky, Chairman of the OMVC and CEO and President of LIN Media.

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