CREAM Launches New Butterscotch Flavored Ice Cream at Stores Nationwide

Cream Launches New Butterscotch Flavored Ice Cream at Stores Nationwide
Renowned ice cream sandwich brand CREAM, which stands for “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me,” today announced the launch of its brand-new, limited-edition Butterscotch Brew ice cream flavor, now available at CREAM locations nationwide. 

The decadently sweet, cream soda-inspired dessert incorporates rich and creamy caramel ice cream with ribbons of butterscotch and bits of crunchy English Toffee throughout.

Butterscotch Brew is the newest addition to CREAM’s ever-growing roster of more than 20 unique, proprietary ice cream flavors. CREAM’s signature “build-your-own” approach allows guests to pair a scoop of Butterscotch Brew in between a selection of any two freshly baked cookie varieties, or one of CREAM’s other inventive baked goods, such as brownies, waffles or do’sants. Company insiders recommend enjoying the ice cream in a milkshake, topped with whipped cream and a dusting of edible gold glitter.

Speaking of CREAM’s newest flavor, company President and Co-Founder Gus Shamieh says, “Butterscotch Brew is a magical, creamy brew of butterscotch swirls and English toffee bits. Reminiscent of a cream soda, it is out of this world.”

CREAM is widely recognized for its extensive list of ice cream creations, including the CREAM Taco and Cookie Cake. CREAM is widely recognized for its handcrafted ice cream sandwich combinations, made using its super-premium, proprietary flavored ice cream placed between freshly baked cookies and other confections like waffles, brownies or do’sants.

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