e7 Health CEO Offers Tips to Staying Healthy During the Year-End Holiday Season

e7 Health CEO Offers Tips to Staying Healthy During the Year-End Holiday Season
The year-end holiday season brings cheer, camaraderie … and calories. And although revelers want to enjoy themselves, they also probably want to keep their consumption in check. Jonathan Baktari, MD,  CEO and founder of preventive health and wellness company e7 Health, recently debunked some myths and offered some tips for better holiday season health on KTNV-TV, Channel 13, Las Vegas’ ABC affiliate.

He told KTNV anchor Nina Porciuncula that success starts with savvy and strategy:

Surviving the holidays without gaining weight Channel 13 News Interview

“You’re not going to gain 20 pounds because of one meal or two meals,” he said on October 27. “It’s really what you’re going to do through the whole season.”

First, Baktari said, going to holiday parties hungry holds the same danger as going to the grocery store hungry — both invite overindulgence. When you get to the party, drink two glasses of water, which will make you feel fuller, and then look for the protein among the plates, Baktari advised.

Away from the parties, work out, especially to build strength, Baktari said. One pound of fat burns no calories per day, but every pound of muscle burns 30 calories a day at rest. Therefore, he reasoned, if a person can put on 10 pounds of muscle, he or she can burn an extra 300 calories per day.

“You have to work at it,” said Baktari, whose company has offices in Southern Nevada and Chicago. “Because it’s what’s between the parties that’s really going to hurt you.”

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