Glitz, Glamor and… Bravery: Homes for Heroes Honoring Vegas’ Finest

Glitz, Glamor and... Bravery: Homes for Heroes Honoring Vegas’ Finest
Behind the world-class resorts, entertainment and infrastructure of Vegas, are a dedicated band of people who spend every day of their working lives ensuring their fellow citizens are safe, happy and healthy. Whether to secure the safety of citizens on the streets, or protecting interests abroad, thousands of people make sacrifices every day. With over 10,000 service personnel from Nevada, this is something the state knows well (Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash). 

The generous and grateful nature of Las Vegans is well known, with glitzy events to honor heroes being a regular occurrence. But what about the everyday, private businesses? Stepping in where housing is concerning, Homes for Heroes is giving something back to benefit America’s heroes.

What do Homes for Heroes do?

Even with government projects funding local projects, with federal funding potentially running into Nevada, it can be difficult for the likes of veterans and uniform services to get ahead in tough housing markets. Homes for Heroes have, across the nation, sought to address this situation by providing generous benefits to heroes who are purchasing, selling or renting a new property. Homes for Heroes have repaid over $30m over its near 17 year existence, with an average saving of $3,500 for every $500k spent on a house.

Testimonials from those who’ve been through Home for Heroes’ process have recalled how pleased they were with the flexibility these sums have given them, enabling them to invest in improvements that perhaps weren’t feasible before purchasing. Ultimately, the saving gives them that little extra quality of life factor that can make all the difference.

Supporting the heroes

In addition to offering cash savings to the firemen, medical professionals, law enforcement, military and teachers who diligently serve the nation, Homes for Heroes offer support. The process of home buying can be stressful, and even more so when a key member of the family is unavailable, due to night shift working, work commitments or being abroad defending American interests. Homes for Heroes specialists are specially trained to give an extra layer of support and, crucially, to treat heroes as people, not numbers. This passionate approach to customer service has been highlighted by numerous Homes for Heroes savers in the past.

Heroes local deals

For those who aren’t in a position to buy, sell or rent, or are happy at home, Homes for Heroes also continue to offer comprehensive deals to their clients across the nation. These have a huge range of applications, from improved insurance to bedroom furniture. This can be  crucial to families, who can feel the pinch even when budgeting using the best tools and to their best ability. The result is countless families who feel enfranchised and cared for – just like they should, given the sacrifices they make every day.

The heroes the nation calls upon for everything from education to healthcare are crucial to how the nation keeps ticking along. Along with private citizens, Homes for Heroes are leading the way on showing everyone how to demonstrate the nation’s thankfulness.

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