Global Gaming Expo. G2E at Las Vegas Convention Center Nov. 18-20

The Gaming Standards Association is culminating a year-long celebration of its 10th anniversary with a large slate of events at the upcoming Global Gaming Expo. G2E takes place November 18-20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and from booth #2192, GSA will be inviting the gaming industry to “Join the Journey” to open standards by exploring the tradeshow floor and discovering the treasure trove of products that are powered by GSA protocol standards.

GSA President Peter DeRaedt said, “What a remarkable ten years we have been celebrating, and G2E is the perfect way to end our celebration. Across the tradeshow floor, we will see exciting new products and applications driven by GSA standards, created by a wide range of companies for use in casinos around the world. Our vision has become a reality, and this is just the beginning.”

GSA will be providing maps of the tradeshow floor to assist attendees in their journey. Attendees can get a jump on the excitement and join the journey now by texting the word “GSA” to 95495.

GSA will make a strong showing in the G2E Institute on November 17, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in conjunction with G2E. GSA will present “The Next Protocol Phase: Moving from SAS to G2S and S2S,” where panelists will help the audience understand how to migrate from current protocols to GSA protocols. In “Thumbs Up: The Importance of GSA-Certified Products,” panelists will present GSA’s new Certification Program, and build understanding of its importance.

And finally, GSA will hold its Annual Meeting during G2E. The meeting takes place November 19 at 11 a.m. in Room N-219 at the convention center. John Acres, CEO of Acres-Fiore, will present the keynote address. Acres has been an integral part of GSA since its founding, and presented the concept on which GSA was built at G2E’s predecessor, the World Gaming Congress & Expo, in 1997.

Acres said: “’Efficient communication is accomplished only by a language known by, and available to, all who wish to communicate.’ Ten years ago, I brought that message to the gaming industry hoping we could move beyond proprietary protocols to the implementation of a shared information exchange standard. After a decade of hard work by many talented people, GSA has delivered the G2S and S2S standard definitions and testing tools. This is a great accomplishment of which everyone should be proud but not yet satisfied.

“No standard is truly valuable until it is widely deployed. That’s why GSA’s new focus on migrating live casino floors to these new standards is so exciting and important. I hope you’ll join me in supporting GSA as they help us build systems and games that deliver recreational gambling opportunities which are safe and fun for our players, while being efficient and profitable for our industry.”

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