How to Surprise Your Woman in Bed: Best Home Natural Remedies

The question of how to help oneself without pills interests many men. Specialists have taken up the study of this issue and found that among the flora, there are those natural remedies that increase and decrease potency, affect differently on libido, and are also able to solve many serious problems with men’s health. So, how to improve men’s health with natural remedies? What should you give priority to? These suggestions are from

Minimal use of alcohol

It is better to abandon this habit forever. Alcohol has an extremely negative effect on sexual function in men. If you abuse alcohol regularly, then this can lead to a complete loss of sexual capacity.

Stop smoking

In modern cigarettes, there is tobacco, soaked in chemical reagents to kill the bad smell and enhance the effect of pleasure. Therefore, smoking modern products of the tobacco industry is the way to impotence.

Regular contrast shower

It is better to do this every morning and evening. In this case, pay special attention to the genital area. Such a shower disperses blood, enhancing its activity. You should finish a shower with cold water and vigorously dry yourself with a towel after it.

Go on a picnic from time to time

In general, it is desirable to spend as much time as possible outside of urban conditions. You should spend more time barefoot – walk on grass, sand, stones, and any other natural materials. On soles of feet, there are a lot of active points, the stimulation of which has a beneficial effect on all areas of health, including the genitourinary area. Such natural remedies are a wonderful option for soft recovery of potency and bringing nerves and health in order.

Pay attention to your food

Eat less fat, especially of animal origin. Also, don’t eat too much fried food. They produce carcinogens, which are harmful to potency. No matter how trivial it sounds you should eat more fruits, greens, and vegetables. They are excellent remedies for the health of the whole organism. Also, sour-milk products, as well as cheese and cottage cheese should be on the men’s table every day. What else should you eat?

  • Honey

Honey and walnuts are two wonderful aphrodisiacs. Daily it is recommended to take about 50 grams of a honey-nut mixture, preferably after eating a meal. Daily portion should be divided into two meals of 25 grams (about one tablespoon). In a month, you’ll already feel the first positive results.

  • Thyme

Thyme can be bought in filter bags at any pharmacy. Preparation is simple: Fill 100 grams of dry grass with one glass of steep boiling water.  Let it brew and after this liquid cools, drink it instead of tea twice a day after eating.

  • Decoction of dry nettle

Nettle is considered a kind of Viagra. Dry leaves are brewed like tea and drunk with honey. A few weeks of regular intake of such tea and you may even cure the initial stage of impotence.

  • Black tea

Usual tea, familiar to us, is also a powerful and effective remedy for increasing potency. But it is necessary to put saffron, carnation, or ginger in a cup. Eastern species kindle blood and activate all processes in a body. Such tea is also useful for the prevention of impotence.

  • Pumpkin

To increase the male potency, try using pumpkin seeds. Many are skeptical about this method but pumpkin seeds contain many components that help to quickly restore male potency. Pumpkin oil is also effective. The presence a large amount of zinc in oil makes it irINSERT able for men.

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