Kim Vo Salon at The Mirage Launches Specialty Barbershop

Shaving for a man all too often is little more than a mundane chore. For discerning men who want a pampering experience, Kim Vo Salon at The Mirage now proudly offers the exceptional services of one of the oldest and foremost experts in men’s grooming, Truefitt & Hill.

A new partnership with the esteemed men’s care line brings two noted Truefitt & Hill Master Barbers to the intimate Kim Vo Salon’s barbershop. With 14 years of carefully honed experience in the art of grooming, husband-and-wife team Noe and Nikki Hernandez provide discriminating barbershop clientele the same standard of extraordinary service for which Kim Vo Salon is famous.

Priced at $150, the new Kim Vo Grooming Experience begins with a shampoo complete with invigorating scalp massage, followed by a traditional hot lather shave and a pampering manicure. An a la carte menu includes the following Truefitt & Hill services:

  • Traditional Hot Lather Shave – $65
  • Cranium Shave – $85
  • Neck-Only Lather Shave – $25
  • Beard Trim & Shave – $55
  • Mustache and Beard Trim – $40
  • Mustache Trim Only – $25
  • Shampoo with Scalp Massage – $25
  • Haircut with Barber – $55
  • Refresh around Hairline – $25

From world-class barbers to stylists and manicurists, Kim Vo Salon at The Mirage is where a man goes when he wants to look his best. The salon recently received the prestigious honor of being chosen as one of Salon City’s ‘HOT 100 Salons in America’ for 2009. Kim Vo Salon ranked no. 4 on the influential list and is the only Las Vegas salon to place in the top five. To book an appointment, call (702) 791-7474. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., daily.

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