Las Vegas Hauntings: The Spookiest Spots in Sin City

Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, is best-known for its casinos, entertainment, and nightlife. However, these are not the only reasons to visit this amazing city as there are plenty of other interesting activities and attractions to suit people with a wide variety of tastes. 

If you are interested in paranormal phenomenon and you love visiting places that are reported as being haunted, then Sin City is a great choice as there are lots of spooky places to choose between. Here are some of the spookiest spots in Vegas.


Bally’s is a hotel located on the Strip that was formerly called MGM Grand Hotel. This hotel was almost destroyed in 1980 when the hotel was the victim of the worst fire in the history of Nevada. 87 people lost their lives in this devastating fire and most of the survivors were rescued from the hotel’s roof by helicopters. This hotel was later refurbished, sold, and renamed Bally’s. The tower that was affected by the fire remains a part of this hotel and guests who have stayed there claim to see shadows in its corridors and mysteriously moving furniture in the hotel rooms. They also hear strange noises for no apparent reason.


Luxor is a tourist attraction that is located on the Strip and is devoted to the Titanic. Not only does this museum boast a range of artifacts relating to this ship, the museum is also home to one side of the ship that was removed from its wreckage. Employees of this attraction claim that the museum is haunted by those who died in the Titanic disaster. They can feel a presence and doors open and close of their own accord.

Flamingo & Koval Corner

There are many who claim that a spot on the corner of Flamingo & Koval, just off the Strip, is haunted by Tupac Shakur, a famous rapper. It was at this location where Shakur was gunned down back in 1996 and he died in a nearby hospital six days later. There have been reported sightings of a man who looked just like this young music artist wearing a bandana.

Hoover Dam

Located on Arizona and Nevada’s border is the Hoover Dam. In 2014, a bystander accidentally photographed a woman standing on the bypass bridge. Just a few moments later, she threw herself to her death. Many believe that she now haunts this spot. There have been many more fatal jumps at this spot. Between 1931 and 1936, there were also 112 workers killed during the bridge’s construction. As there are so many deaths that have occurred in this one place, it is little wonder that people believe Hoover Dam is haunted.

Rhyolite Ghost Town

Rhyolite is a small town near Vegas that was abandoned in 1907 when the mining industry went bust. This is a very spooky place to walk around as you will see derelict buildings and abandoned structures that were once important to this town, such as a train depot, a jail, and a bank. It is believed that this ghost town is now haunted by those who lived and died in Rhyolite before the town was abandoned.

The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum is a popular attraction in Sin City that contains artifacts relating to serious criminals who once ran this city. The museum is in a converted courthouse where many of these criminals were sentenced for their crimes. This courthouse is said to be haunted by deceased gangsters who are unhappy that they were punished for their crimes.

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