Local Businessman Brings Nano Nutrition and Real Hydration to Las Vegas

Local Businessman Brings Nano Nutrition and Real Hydration to Las Vegas
Long time Vegas Local Neil Fineman has an eye for new inventions. His Las Vegas based company GreenOne Holdings has two patents- a biodegradable paper bottle, and a worldwide patent on a box that can stack fragile material. His latest creation though is what is taking Las Vegas and Southern California by storm. 

GreenOne found a way to get 1,000’s of healthy nutrients and minerals to absorb rapidly into the human body without any taste whatsoever. A first of its kind in a market that continually uses words like vitamins and hydration to mislead consumers into thinking their products provide a value beyond the unhealthy additives. Neil’s creation, iDrink nano nutrient water is the embodiment of that void in the market; a clean crisp tasting water that contains nano sized nutrients (a first of its kind) that rapidly absorb and feed your body in a completely new manner. Well know distributors are taking notice of this new, game changing delivery system. Nevada Beverage (Budweiser), John Lenore, and now Haralambos have all signed on to distribute iDrink to their local partners.

Neil is not new to changing people minds in a mature industry. His father Jerry Fineman was the first person to convince Walt Disney and Sesame Street to license their characters on toys. His creation of hundreds of character driven toys thrilled parents and children for 40 years; and paved the road for future generations of toy manufacturers. His Tickle Me Elmo toy with its open packaging design (also a first of its kind) is still the number one selling toy of all time. Following in his fathers footsteps, Neil has taken a new technology and figured out how to apply it to a much needed marketplace. As consumers worldwide are thirsting for healthy beverages and supplements, The water category has exploded, simply because consumers can’t find healthy products. A default so to speak, for a viable solution. Until now.

As consumers are asking manufacturers of water for healthy additives, the first response has been Alkaline. By “adding” magnesium and potassium to these newly cleansed waters, manufacturers are starting to give back some of the beneficial nutrients that were taken away in the cleansing process. The response has been impressive and consumers are responding in droves. The volume for Alkaline waters in the west coast has been so impressive that there are over 50 new alkaline waters in the market in the last 12 months and Costco has even created a category for it that convenience stores have followed suit on.

What this reporter has learned is that Alkaline may provide better nutrients than a regular bottled water but it is just a first step towards creating a better for you beverage. The next step is not only introducing more essential nutrients in a bio available manner; but doing so without changing the taste profile of our favorite drinks. As Neil and GreenOne Holdings like to say about iDrink’s and it’s new delivery system: “Its the next generation of beverage”.

Apparently iDrink begins where Alkaline ends, and they have their eyes set on expanding to the entire West Coast. Heady stuff from the son of a trailblazer. Look for iDrink’s nano nutrient Alkaline water on over 400 convenience store shelves in Las Vegas and over 600 shelves in Southern California including Albertsons Vons and Pavilions. Their products that are hydration and nutrient based can also be shipped to the home and business.

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