Mob Museum Hosts World Premiere of “Mob Town”

Mob Museum Hosts World Premiere of “Mob Town”
On Saturday, Nov. 30, The Mob Museum and Danny A. Abeckaser hosted an invitation-only, VIP premiere for a film based on a real-life event drawn from Mob history: Saban Films’ feature-length production, “Mob Town.” (Pictured: Cast of Mob Town). 

P.J. Byrne, Danny A. Abeckaser and David Arquette at the "Mob Town" Premiere at The Mob Museum

P.J. Byrne, Danny A. Abeckaser and David Arquette at the “Mob Town” Premiere at The Mob Museum

“Mob Town” is inspired by an ill-fated Mafia summit meeting in 1957 in the small town of Apalachin, New York. State Trooper Edgar Croswell, researching the license numbers of luxury cars coming into town, became suspicious that mobsters were gathering at the rural estate of Joseph Barbara. Croswell called in reinforcements and set up a roadblock. The mobsters, including prominent New York bosses Vito Genovese, Carlo Gambino, Joe Profaci and Joe Bonanno panicked, trying to flee the scene either by car or on foot. The event revealed once and for all that the Mafia existed in America, forcing once-skeptical FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to ramp up his agency’s efforts to fight organized crime.

Scene from "Mob Town"

Scene from “Mob Town”

“Mob Town” will be released in theaters and on streaming services Dec. 13.

"Mob Town movie poster

“Mob Town movie poster

The screening was attended by “Mob Town” stars David Arquette (Ed Croswell), Danny A. Abeckaser (Joe Barbara), P.J. Byrne (Vincent Vasisko), Kyle Stefanski (Joe Gallo), Jon Carlo (Agent Ruston), Stevie Guttman (Bartolo Guccia), George V. Andreakos (Frankie) and Diana Madison (Maria).

The Mob Museum’s Historic Courtroom
300 Stewart Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101

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