Most Mysterious Women in History

Nadezhda Krupskaya 

“Lenin’s wife and ally” – this status was firmly connected to Nadezhda Krupskaya. Many do not perceive Krupskaya apart from the leader of the proletariat, although she was a self-sufficient person who was actively engaged in literary, educational, and social activities. 

Krupskaya didn’t have any children, which prompted various kinds of rumors and gossip. It is all about a terrible autoimmune disease – the Graves’ disease which not only made her infertile but every year deprived the woman of her attractiveness more and more. 

Krupskaya was fine with Lenin’s relationship with Inessa Armand, giving her husband complete freedom and maintaining warm relations with his mistress. 

Actions of Krupskaya after the death of Lenin were quite ambiguous. On the one hand, she tried to prevent the establishment of the command-administrative system, and on the other, she signed the documents that initiated the trial of her former comrades-in-arms. 

Gudrun Ensslin 

Gudrun Ensslin belongs to the post-war generation, for which fascism has become a disgrace to the German nation. She saw “hidden fascism” in the state apparatus of the Federal Republic of Germany, with whom she decided to wage a merciless war. “This is a fascist state, ready to kill us all … it is pointless to discuss anything with them,” she said at one of the rallies. 

Ensslin combined quite a few contradictory features. The daughter of a theologian and artist, a direct descendant of Hegel, she was fond of philosophy and pedagogy but also reprinted National Socialist literature. On the one hand, she was a staunch pacifist, and on the other, she was a supporter of terrorist acts. 

So far as Gudrun and her comrades in the left-radical “Red Army Faction” robbed banks to earn money for weapons — they were sympathized with, but when the terrorists carried out a series of explosions that resulted in dozens of victims, the society was shaken. 

After one of the attacks in 1969, Gudrun was arrested and imprisoned with two accomplices. In 1977 she was found hanged in her cell. The basic version of her death is suicide. However, researchers question it to be true. 

Mata Hari

Mata Hari

Mata Hari 

Mata Hari’s life is an all-consuming pursuit of fame and luxury that knows no boundaries. First, she was just a dancer, and then a spy. Step by step, she achieved her goals. 

Mata Hari understood that it was not enough to capture the attention of the public. You need to keep that attention. The everyday story of a divorced woman was INSERT d by the legend of the heir to the Indian throne: it was so convincing that no one doubted the truth of the royal origin of the courtesan. 

She captivated the most powerful, famous, and rich men with amazing ease. Many have suffered because of it – from the composer Jules Massenet, who tried to commit suicide, to the German crown prince Wilhelm, whom the emperor sobered up just in time. 

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As is often the case, Mata Hari was let down by the desire to serve two masters. France accused her of spying for Germany, and the “queen of dance” was sentenced to death. After the execution of Mata, Hari was remembered only by her ex-husband: “No matter how she lived her life, she didn’t deserve such a death.” 

Frida Kahlo 

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo lived and worked in spite of physical and mental suffering. Frida said that in her life there were two accidents: one is the car accident, after which she remained disabled, and the second – Diego Rivera. Frida knew about the constant cheating of her husband, but the only thing she was able to do is to ignore it. 

Immersion in herself influenced the nature of the works of Frida Kahlo. Her favorite genre was the self-portrait, and her paintings were full of symbols and fetishes accompanied by stylistics of Mexican folk art. 

Despite the worsening state of health over the years, Frida tried to lead the life of a full-fledged person. She preserved her relaxed and extravagant nature, drank a lot of alcohol, cursed and sang inappropriate songs. Some rumors say that she has some sort of connection to Trotsky, who was fascinated by Frida Kahlo’s works. 

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