My Child Can’t Read, Write, Use Math or Science My Child Can’t Compete in Today’s World – Verse Capital Partners, LLC, Has the Education Technology Answer

My Child Can't Read, Write, Use Math or Science My Child Can't Compete in Today's World - Verse Capital Partners, LLC, Has the Education Technology Answer

“At a time when good jobs can be located anywhere…our most valuable skill is knowledge. Education is the currency of the Information Age. Countries who out-educate us today will out-compete us tomorrow.  By 12th grade, American children score lower than most other kids in the world.” President Obama

Teachers, principals and administrators that work in America’s public schools (Educators) are most qualified to solve the widespread problems that have eroded our student’s achievement levels for nearly four decades and are still unsolved, causing U.S. students to fall from #1 globally to #36 of 46 countries. And, at the same time, Educators, are also the least likely to succeed because they rarely possess business and sales acumen or access to capital. Without these critical pieces, it is nearly impossible to commercialize scalable Education Technology (EdTech) solutions, capable of providing our children with modern skills and knowledge that’s needed to align America’s schools with the 21st century economy.

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So, what happened? The Digital Revolution reshaped the world, but our school systems were unable to adapt while countries we compete against were able to adapt and sail right past us. Our children are digital natives, but our schools use a 14th century classical education model, designed for a different time, world and people — designed to support a wildly different, less global economy – yet, we’re still using it in the 21st century! The more successful Educators are when introducing technology solutions into classrooms, the more successful student outcomes will be and the sooner America will be positioned for prosperity again, rather than continuing as a nation in decline.

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Verse Capital has developed a frictionless way to integrate technology into schools, while generating amplified recession-proof, early-stage returns, without early-stage risk.  Verse Capital, partners with Educators who have developed EdTech solutions and supplies them with business, sales and capital resources to amplify their success. Verse Capital leverages a team of experts ranging from a former White House Presidential Staffer in the Department of Education, former Sales Executives with Pearson, the global leader in education and much more. With over 55-years combined expertise, Verse Capital strategically addresses each challenge that has made penetrating education for new companies with innovative solutions virtually impassable, the key to amplifying each company’s success that has never been done before. The companies Verse Capital works with will reach faster success, bigger success and more frequent success.

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Examples of Educator founded EdTech companies, supported by Verse Capital include:

  • Red Apple Reading – Provides early learner reading intervention. Reading is the foundation of all learning and, if a student gets off track early, they will forever be behind. Red Apple Reading identifies when a child falls behind and intervenes, concentrating on their weaknesses. As a digital reading tool, it simultaneously works on writing and spelling skills.
  • Tiered Systems Support – Supports a tiered system for academic, behavior, and attendance intervention, to ensure ALL students succeed. For example: Teachers needed technology assistance to effectively track mastery learning of each module, prior to falling behind, intervention is scheduled before students go home, where learning situations aren’t ideal.
  • Schola — Provides families with the tools they need to find the school and educational programming that best aligns with the needs of their child.
  • Stand for Kind — Believes every child deserves a non-threatening environment, and to feel like they belong. They provide tech solutions for bullying and suicide prevention, intervention and post trauma.

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Education touches everything, from the value of our real estate to our healthcare costs.  Better educated Americans will experience less poverty, lower welfare and healthcare costs.  Please join with us and invest in America’s future. For more information or to donate, please visit:

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