New Year, New Eating Habits? RA Sushi Can Help!

New Year, New Eating Habits? RA Sushi Can Help!
Start your new year’s resolution off right with a healthier alternative – sushi! At RA Sushi, guests can enjoy guilt-free and Vegan/Vegetarian options to complement the trendiest of diets. Here are some of RA’s healthier sushi options (Pictured: “RA”llipop).

  • “RA”llipop: Enjoy Tuna, salmon, yellowtail and spicy tuna mix with lettuce, asparagus and cucumber wrapped in lobok; served skewered with garlic ponzu sauce. Great alternative for someone on the Keto diet looking for some heartier options without the guilt.
    • 180 calories
  • Tuna Roll: Did you know Tuna helps improve your immune system? Stay healthy during these winter months by increasing your tuna intake.
    • 200 calories
  • Vegetarian Roll: Looking to implement “Meatless Mondays” in 2020? Grab this and side of Miso Soup for a nice filling lunch or dinner.
    • 240 calories
  • Spicy Shrimp Roll: Did you know spicy foods help boost your metabolism? Kick your diet into high gear with a spicy shrimp roll.
    • 250 calories
  • Eel Cucumber Roll: Giving Pescatarianism a go? This roll is a nice alternative to all the other fish you might have already tried this year.
    • 280 calories

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