Opendoor Las Vegas Offers Tips to ‘Lemon-Proof’ Your House Hunt – Cracks, Water Damage and Dead Landscaping Are Warning Signs

Opendoor Las Vegas Offers Tips to ‘Lemon-Proof’ Your House Hunt - Cracks, Water Damage and Dead Landscaping Are Warning Signs
No one hunting for their dream home wants to end up purchasing a money pit.  Fortunately, Opendoor has tips to help “lemon-proof” your house hunt (Pictured: Alice Ferguson – Photo credit : Mary Rendina Photography).

When it comes to a for-sale home, there’s always going to be elements that aren’t to your taste. However, there are also signs that can indicate problems beyond reasonable repair, such as cracks, water damage and neglected landscaping.


 “There are three things we always tell people to look for,” said Opendoor Las Vegas General Manager Alice Ferguson. “The first one is cracks. If you can slide a quarter into the crack, beware.”

The second is water damage, such as stains on the ceiling, which could indicate a problem with the roof or plumbing issues.

And don’t overlook landscaping: Dead palm trees or drooping fronds could end up costing over $1,000 to remove or maintain.

Also watch for:

  • Spots of fresh paint, carpet or flooring — these could be covering up larger issues such as mold or a bandage repair job.
  • Foul odors, both inside and out — Be wary of musky, gaseous, smoky or noxious odors
  • The nicest house on the worst block ­­— You’re buying a neighborhood along with a home. A rehabbed home on a block where others need TLC could be a great investment, or the neighborhood could be a lemon for you and your family.

Homebuyers should also test everything during their walk-through: Open all the closets; open and shut the windows; flip all the light switches on and off — anything you can test, do so.

Finally, Ferguson recommends getting a second or third opinion in the form of a home inspection by a certified expert, which can end up saving you thousands of dollars and hours of stress in the long run.

“Always talk to an expert, like an inspector, someone who’s a specialty inspector,” she said. “And always take your time and really pay attention to the small things.”

Opendoor is a real estate company established in San Francisco in 2014 that uses technology to make buying or selling a home simple and stress-free, allowing homebuyers to self-tour hundreds of listed properties using its mobile app to unlock the front door. Every Opendoor home also comes with a 90-day buyback guarantee, helping to eliminate buyer’s remorse by allowing you to purchase your new home with total confidence that you can return it if it doesn’t turn out to be right for you.

Opendoor has been in the Las Vegas market since 2017. For more, visit

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