River Mountains Loop Trail Earns National Recreation Trail Designation

United States Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced the designation of the River Mountains Loop Trail as a National Recreation Trail on May 25. It is one of 31 trails in 15 states to receive the designation, with the announcement being made just in time for National Trails Day on June 5.

The River Mountains Loop Trail is a 35-mile paved multi-use trail surrounding the River Mountains. A multi-jurisdictional trail, it connects Henderson, Boulder City, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead National Recreation Area to the rest of the Las Vegas Valley.

“This announcement is significant because it recognizes more than 13 years of hard work, planning and teamwork by public and private entities to make the River Mountains Loop Trail a reality,” said Henderson Mayor Andy Hafen. “The River Mountains Loop Trail provides recreational and educational opportunities for Southern Nevadans as well as visitors from around the world. Since it is so expansive and is completely separated from highway traffic, the trail also serves as an alternative transportation mode, which has long been one of the City of Henderson’s sustainability goals.”

One nonprofit organization that has played an important role in planning, developing and promoting the River Mountains Loop Trail is the River Mountains Loop Trail Partnership (RMLT Partnership), which is comprised of public agencies, community groups, businesses and trail enthusiasts. John Holman, RMLT Partnership chair, said community partners had a well-defined vision and mission and everyone has been dedicated to seeing the project through to completion.

“Key land managers, like the City of Henderson, saw the value of a loop trails system providing connection or linkage to Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Boulder City, and beyond,” said Holman. “Now we are in sight of the last few miles being completed. The real reward for me is seeing families use the trail on weekends, riding bikes or walking the family dog, that’s what it is all about. An unexpected reward has been the telephone calls and emails from folks all over the United States wanting to know more about the trail, where to get a map, where to rent a bike, where to stay near the trail…it has turned into a tourist destination trail.”

For additional information, call 267-4000 or visit www.cityofhenderson.com.

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