Small Goals, Workout Consistency Seen as Keys for Better Health in New Year, Trainer Says

Small Goals, Workout Consistency Seen as Keys for Better Health in New Year, Trainer Says
The new year will bring resolutions, often centered on better health and better physiques. Keeping the resolutions is often the challenge as the year wears on. So, PowerHour 360 trainer Monica Daggs recently shared tips for 2020 workout clarity on KTNV-TV, Channel 13.

Daggs told KTNV newscaster Nina Porciuncula that the first couple of weeks of any new year are busy at her gym, as people enter with fresh energy and resolve. Showing up is an important step, Daggs said; no program can continue if it never gets started.

Daggs offered several keep-to-it strategies to keep the energy fresh and the gains constant. After starting a workout program, the next important step is making it habitual, she said.

Fitness Trainer Monica Daggs Shows Us How to Get and Stay in Shape

“The first few weeks are hard,” she said. “Your body’s sore, you’re doing things you’re not used to doing. You’re hungrier because you’re not eating the things you’re used to eating. You’ve got to push through those first couple of weeks to make it a habit and a consistent routine, because consistency is what’s going to get the results.”

Next, Daggs said, comes small-goal setting. Instead of resolving to lose 100 pounds, perhaps, someone can aim to lose 5 pounds; instead of resolving to work out seven days a week, someone can aim for five.

Small goals will yield better progress than big lofty goals, she said and may also prevent trying to do too much too fast and risking injury.

Also, Daggs said, be kind to yourself. If people get off track — a “cheat meal” becomes a “cheat week” for example — take a breath and restart.

“Life happens,” Daggs said. “There’s always going to be a birthday, or a party or an event. That’s normal, that’s natural. But get right back on track. Don’t get discouraged if you do fall off the wagon a little bit.

“You know, you had a bad meal or … a bad week or something happened and you couldn’t get to the gym as much as you wanted or you couldn’t eat as healthily as you wanted, that’s not a sign to give up.”

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