SUSHISAMBA Celebrates Earth Week April 22-30; Launches Unforgettable Rainforest-Inspired Culinary Campaign Benefitting Cool Earth

SUSHISAMBA Celebrates Earth Week April 22-30; Launches Unforgettable Rainforest-Inspired Culinary Campaign Benefitting Cool Earth
Kicking off on Earth Day, April 22, and running through April 30, SUSHISAMBA’s week-long global Earth Week celebration in London, Miami, Amsterdam and Las Vegas will inform, educate and inspire guests while providing support to help halt rainforest deforestation in the Amazon. 

Rainforest Ingredients: On the Menu

Using ingredients, grown and harvested in the Peruvian rainforest by the Asháninka, Peru’s largest indigenous group, SUSHISAMBA chefs under the direction of Corporate Chefs Cláudio Cardoso and John Um have created a unique Earth Week menu. The limited-edition menu will blend the classic flavors of SUSHISAMBA’s cuisine with rich rainforest ingredients including chocolate, coffee and dried fruit sourced and produced by indigenous Amazonian communities supported by Cool Earth.

The Earth Week menu includes:

  • OYSTER NIGIRI asháninka coffee, popcorn, mustard 12
  • TACACHO plantain mash, chorizo, pork belly, salsa criolla, asháninka dried pineapple 27
  • ROBATA AVOCADO asháninka chocolate mousse, banana, pisco, plantain 15

A portion of the proceeds will benefit NGO Cool Earth’s efforts to support the Asháninka community, as well as support their strategic goal of halting deforestation and climate change.

SUSHISAMBA Earth Week celebration brings flavors from the Amazon that are as unique as the Asháninka community that cultivates them,” says Chef Cláudio. “This initiative is our way of extending the help to those that are in the forefront of protecting something that is so precious, yet so underestimated. All of us as one, should look at Planet Earth as our only home and that needs our total respect and efforts at preservation, unfortunately now more than ever”.

Why Cool Earth & SUSHISAMBA:

The plight of the Amazonian rainforest has always held special meaning for SUSHISAMBA. The brand’s roots in Brazil and Peru and our passion for supporting the Amazon, have both helped pave the way for the global partnership between SUSHISAMBA and Cool Earth.

Cool Earth is a non-profit organization that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change. Cool Earth doesn’t put up fences, it gives control back to those who deserve it: Locals. This approach aligns with SUSHISAMBA’s ethos of preservation, sustainability, education and social consciousness.

Of the partnership, SUSHISAMBA CEO, Shimon Bokovza explains, “Since the brand’s inception, we have been committed to celebrating South American food and culture – specifically the culinary riches rooted in Peru and Brazil as they are a huge part of our identity. Cool Earth is the perfect partner for us to celebrate SUSHISAMBA’s heritage, support the preservation of the rainforest, and help bring elements of the ingredients from these villages directly to our guests.”

Since 2016, SUSHISAMBA London has partnered with Cool Earth on a series of initiatives resulting in £180,000+ raised for the UK-based NGO. From visits to indigenous villages in the Amazon to meet the people behind the ingredients, to epic fundraisers that raised awareness and funds for Cool Earth’s crucial cause, the SUSHISAMBA/Cool Earth partnership has already had positive impact on the region.

Now, we’re pushing the boundaries of our partnership with Cool Earth even further. In 2018, SUSHISAMBA for the first time is extending the Cool Earth collaboration to our global platform, wrapping in SUSHISAMBA locations in Amsterdam, Las Vegas, and Miami in support of the thriving relationship.

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