The Best Men’s Supplements To Take On A Vegas Bender

Many guys have gone on several day excursions known as benders in which they imbibe on just about every vice there is. Few places in the world provide a better opportunity to experience the ultimate bender than Las Vegas. That said, though benders can be enjoyable and memorable, said activity could ultimately prove detrimental to men’s health. Fortunately, however, men can survive these experiences by ingesting nutritional supplements that are tailored made to provide protection or relief when living a few days of debauchery.

During a Vegas bender, a reveler will likely be enjoying a significant quantity of alcohol, not obtaining much in the way of rest and might wish to sew a few wild oats. Therefore, they should consider taking men’s supplements that help overcome alcohol consumption, boost energy, protect the immune system and improve male enhancement.

Supplements That Combat Alcohol Consumption

One of the more common consequences of excess reveling is the dreaded hangover induced by ingesting far too much alcohol. When people drink, they not only expel greater quantities of water but lose important systemic balancing substances known as electrolytes. One product rife with hydration-inducing liquids and necessary electrolytes is Gatorade. Drinking this product during a hangover might alleviate associated symptoms like headaches and thirst, which can help the guy in question return to his partying ways sooner rather than later.

If Gatorade is not to individual liking or unavailable, medical professionals opine that replenishing the body with Vitamin C and certain Vitamin B complexes chemicals like thiamine, riboflavin and folic acid are crucial to lessening a hangover’s impact. These substances can be found in a variety of foods. However, those stricken with hangovers might not have a significant, if any appetite. Therefore, under such circumstances, the best bet might be to ingest vitamin supplements containing these substances. Also be sure to eat, there are so many great brunch spots that are tailored for hangovers.

Supplements That Boost Energy

Those reveling in benders may not only imbibe too much but fail to obtain adequate rest. After several days of not getting enough sleep, revelers might feel weak and fatigued. Some of the more efficient energy-boosting supplements include:

Vitamin B12

This nutrient, which is found in foods like eggs, fish, dairy and meat helps the body synthesize food more efficiently and stimulates blood cells and nerves.


Found in meat products, iron plays a critical role in the production and health of the substance known as hemoglobin. This chemical is vital to enabling red blood cells to transport oxygen to the blood.


Contained in edible items like produce, wheat products and nuts, magnesium executes a crucial part in muscle function and energy creation.

Vitamin D

This nutrient, most often found in sunlight, stimulates mood, mental clarity and systemic energy.

Fortunately, all of these substances are sold in dietary supplemental preparations. Therefore, revelers can ingest supplements in pill form without having to consume a big meal or spend hours getting direct sunlight.

Supplements That Protect The Immune System

Bender participants stand at greater risk of weakening their immune systems. It goes without saying that the last thing any guy wishes to experience on a wild excursion is an illness such as a cold or infection. Preserving one’s immunity might be accomplished by ingesting:

Vitamin C

This nutrient is contained in citrus fruits and various other forms of produce.

Vitamin E

Rife in products like nuts and spinach, this nutrient contains powerful antioxidants, which are chemicals known for their infection-fighting capabilities.

Vitamin B6

Most often found in green vegetables, chicken and fish, this nutrient helps stimulate chemical reactions designed to strengthen the immune system’s functions.

Once again, these substances can be found in nutritional supplements that can be ingested on the go.


Ensuring proper hydration is just as important to Vegas revelers as consuming nutritional supplements. A significant percentage of the body is water and the substance is needed to perform almost every important function. Dehydration can render revelers more susceptible to fatigue and illness.

Male Enhancement Products

Some partiers might wish to sew a few wild oats while away in Sin City. However, optimal performance could be an issue for those who have imbibed too much. Fortunately, ingesting male optimal performance supplements containing substances like nitric oxide may enable guys to happily and successfully perform at their best.


Vegas is a fun city and a great place to vacation. Be sure to be prepared and stay hydrated to ensure you have the best experience of the city.


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