The Best Vaporizers to Take When Clubbing

Vaping has been an integral part of people’s lives. Many of those who do not want the bad effects of smoking have switched to vaping. Whether it’s tobacco, nicotine, wax concentrates, or essential botanical blends, vaping will always be the healthier option.

The Best Vaporizers to Take When Clubbing

People take their vaporizers to work so they can consume the materials they need during short breaks; they also take them to malls or to coffee shops to get their daily nicotine fix and go where they can vape, generally, in places where smoking is allowed. There are also those who take their vaporizers when they go partying around town. There’s a slew of vaporizers available on the market today, but only a few are ideal for taking into clubs and pubs to help you survive with a vaporizer when you’re out crushing the night. Here are a few options.

Vape Pens

True to their namesake, vape pens come in (more or less) the size of a pen. Vape pens make for an easy and a convenient way to consume herbs and waxes because they’re small and compact in size and they can accommodate small amounts of materials in them – just the right amount to keep you and your spirits lifted to last the night. Vape pens are travel-friendly devices making them ideal for clubbing even if you’d be hopping from one club to another. You can easily put one of these vape pens in your pocket that you yourself, might even forget that it’s there. Taking them on a night out is so convenient that it wouldn’t get in the way of you partying all night.

Usage and operation of vape pens are also easy and straightforward. Unlike larger setups, vape pens usually have one button. Unlocking and activating the battery takes only a few clicks and most of them can be used outright. Vape pens are basically made up of three basic parts; a battery, a mouthpiece, and an atomizer. The battery is responsible for providing the vape pen with enough power lasting you the night while the atomizer delivers the heat which vaporizes the materials in the vape pen. The mouthpiece is where you draw and pull the vapors from. Having only three parts to mess with means that you’d have less things to worry about. They’re easy to strip and assemble which means that you’d have less things to be concerned about and you can focus on living up the night instead of brooding over how you’d make your vaporizer work. Furthermore, vape pens can also cater to cartridges that can hold nicotine e-liquids and essential oils which allows you to enjoy a wider range of materials when you’re out partying. Some vape pens will also have some sort of stash container located at the bottom of it which means you can carry extra material allowing you to keep a low key when bringing extra materials with you.

Most vape pens have threaded connections which makes for easy and reliable connections but some of the more advanced models now sport magnetic connections. Magnets give you a more seamless experience especially when all you want to do is to chug booze and socialize with your friends. Vape pens are perfect for those who want a reliable vaporizer to take out as they paint the town.

Pod Vapes

Another great option are pod-based vaporizers. Pod vapes are even smaller and are more compact than vape pens. Usage is also more convenient and even more straightforward. Pod vapes use cartridge-like containers that can hold mostly essential oils and e-liquids called pods. These pods connect the battery mostly magnetically making the experience with pod vapes smooth and easy.

Pod vapes look like larger flash drives which makes them extremely portable and discreet vaporizers that they barely look like vaporizers at all. If vape pens can easily be stashed in your pockets, pod vapes can easily be concealed in the palm of your hands. You can literally vape like a ninja with these pod vaporizers. Their size and dimension make it easy for you to get into clubs and not worry about having to explain yourself before entering. They’re totally subtle and inconspicuous making them one of the best vaporizers to have on a night out. You can literally roam around town with a pod vape in your hand.

Pod vapes are made out of two parts, just the pod and the battery and both component snaps onto each other seamlessly. No threads, no clips. Pod vaporizers are also often powered by draw activated batteries that have no buttons on them. While draw activated batteries make for convenient batteries, some consumers complain because of the lack of control in terms of temperature and battery life. Some of the more advanced pod-based vaporizers on the market today sport a single button that you can use to power the battery on and off. This allows you to save battery life instead of having your pod vape sit in idle. You can also get to change the temperature setting giving you a wider option in terms of the results you can get from a single material. You can enjoy a full spectrum of highs and lows when you’re clubbing with these discreet and low-key vaporizers.

Using vaporizers in clubs are great, many clubs allow people to use vaporizers inside as long as people around them are okay with it. Vaporizers use the same principle to create vapor as the fog machines used in clubs and bars (except they don’t have nicotine and flavorings) which means that they’re generally safe and accepted especially by people who frequent these establishments. You don’t have to keep on going back and forth to smoking areas saving you time for more important conversations and making more important memories. Plus, you won’t have to bring back the nasty smell of smoke when you come join your friends again.

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