These are the Highest Paying Jobs in Las Vegas

These are the Highest Paying Jobs in Las Vegas
During the last years, building, retail and resort industries formed the foundation of the Las Vegas economy. But, people cannot keep asking themselves, what are the highest paying jobs in Sin City? 

Some people are not interested in a top; they only are wondering how much their tailor earns, or how much a casino worker does a year. Well, when we have written this article, we had the same desire as you do, to find more about the highest paid professions in the region. And what better source can we check, than the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The fact is that Las Vegas and Nevada are expected to expand in the future, in the jobs industry. Even if the job base landscape is constantly changing, some professions remain as successful as they have always been. The majority of private-sector industries are in an impressive growth nowadays, and this is a crucial factor in creating a sustainable economy.

After checking the list, the Bureau of Labor statistics offered, we determined that the internists are the highest paid professionals in Las Vegas. Many people may be surprised to hear this, but the fact is that the medical sector is the one offering the highest salaries in Nevada. Here is a list with the highest paid professions in Las Vegas.

General Internists

Internists are specialized in diagnosing health issues and treating illnesses and injuries. They are the ones who examine the patients, check their medical histories, and prescribe them medications according to their issues. Also, there are cases when they offer patients counselling in subjects like hygiene, diet and preventive healthcare. Internist surgeons perform operations in order to treat injuries and diseases.  The persons who want to become internists, have to choose if they want to be physicians or surgeons, and all of them have to complete at least 4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school, and according to what speciality they choose, from 3 to 7 years of internship and residency programs.

The average salary for this category in 2018 was $229,040, and the entry-level specialists received around $137,850.

Surgeons and Physicians Specialized in Other Domains Than Interns

First, it is important to note that there are two types of physicians, according to their degrees. There are medical doctors and doctors of osteopathic medicine. Both categories of doctors are using the same treatments, but the doctors of osteopathic medicine will focus more on preventive medicine, and holistic patient care. Both physicians and surgeons can work in multiple specialties. In order to become a surgeon or physician, you need to have your bachelor’s degree and then to apply to a medical school.

This category of workers had the average salary in 2018, $210,520, and the entry-level salary was $52,710.


It is common knowledge that being a dentist is one of the highest paid professions, not only in Las Vegas, but worldwide. Dentists diagnose and treat the health issues patients have with their teeth and gums and other related parts of their mouth. They will also offer their patients recommendations on how to care their mouth health and how to maintain a diet that does not affect their oral health. All dentists need a license in order to work in Las Vegas, and in order to get it, they need to complete certain science classes before entering dental school.

Dentists had the average salary of $186,460, and the entry-level professionals had around $74,960.

Chief Executive Officers

These are the Highest Paying Jobs in Las Vegas

Chief executive officers create policies and strategies in order to help the organization they are running to meet its goals. They have the role to direct, plan and coordinate the activities of the organization they are part of. According to the specifications of the company they are working for, their tasks may differ. There are no established training requirements for this position. Every company has its own requests. However, the majority of executives have a bachelor’s degree and a lot of experience in the domain they are working.

The average salary of the chief executive officers in 2018 was $185,420, and the entry-level executives got around $84,300.

Justice Workers

These are the Highest Paying Jobs in Las Vegas

Justice workers have the role to apply the law in courts. They have multiple tasks, like facilitating negotiations between opposing parties, conducting pretrial hearings, resolving administrative disputes and taking issue legal decisions. In order to apply for one of these positions the candidates need a law degree and experience working as a lawyer. There are very few positions available for the persons who have only a bachelor’s degree. Most jobs require a law degree. When it comes to the positions justice workers can occupy, they are diverse, from hearing officers, to federal judges.

Their average salary was $159,000, and entry-level workers had $120,460.

Engineering Managers

The persons who occupy these positions have the role to coordinate activities in the companies they work for. If we are talking about architectural and engineering managers then their role is to develop new products and to come with new designs. They determine what equipment, and staff every project needs in order to be successfully performed. Also, one of their tasks is to propose budgets for the projects they organize, and to hire and supervise the staff. The persons who are working as engineering managers need a bachelor’s degree, and work experience in the domain. Sometimes they can achieve their knowledge by taking online tuition classes.

The majority of managers take online management classes, because they need to acquire new skills alongside the engineering ones. In the majority of cases, engineering managers have classes in financial management, accounting, engineering economics, human resources and quality control. Their skills differ according to the company they work for.

In 2018, the average salary of an architectural or engineering manager was $140,450. If we are talking about entry-level professionals then their average salary was $82,390.

Other professions that are quite well paid in Las Vegas are: physician assistants, physical therapists, family and general practitioners, computer and information system managers, lawyers, real estate brokers, pharmacists, marketing managers, and first-line supervisors of police and detectives.

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