Top Ten Money Making YouTube Channels Of 2018

The popularity of YouTube makes it a valuable marketing channel. Nowadays, everyone is getting the advantage of this platform including businesses who need this platform to increase brand awareness and generate more traffic.  

A celebrity can increase his/her fan following with a personal YouTube channel. Students can learn new things with informational videos. Mothers can get the advantage of Kids Learning Songs Play Videos to help their toddlers in education. In short, YouTube allows a layperson to earn money and fame at the same time. These are the top ten moneymaking YouTube channels of 2018.

1. Daniel Middleton ($16.5m) DanTDM

DanTDM is a British professional gamer famous for a popular game Minecraft. Dan earned money with YouTube views, graphic novel, Red Series on YouTube, acting credits and touring. He was in the list of highest-paid YouTubers of Forbes in 2017. As of 2018, he has more than 20 million subscribers and 13 billion views.

2. Vanossgaming (Evan Fong) ($15.5m)

VanossGaming is a young Canadian YouTuber famous for his gaming videos. People are crazy about his editing skills. He abridges hours of gaming into a hilarious video. Fong is working on his video games and music. His YouTuber Red series “Paranormal Action Squad” is famous among youngsters.

3. Dude Perfect ($14m)

Dude Perfect has over 24 million subscribers. This channel is from Coby and Cory Cotton (twins). They are working with their three basketball mates from high school. Their videos contain sport-related exciting stunts and comedy sketches. Along with their channel, they have a Nickelodeon TV show and a mobile app.

4. Long Paul ($12.5m)

The former vine star is famous for more than 17 million subscribers on his channel. You can find comedy videos and vlogs on his channel. Paul is renowned for his controversies, such as his suicide incident and tasering of rats. The Paul may not be a part of this list in 2019 because his Original YouTube Red series is canceled and YouTube dropped ads from Paul’s videos.

5. Markiplier – (Mark Fischbach) ($12.5m)

Mark is famous for his gaming videos and commentating moves. With over 18 million subscribers, he is one of the famous YouTuber. His channel has survival horror games video. Currently, he is voicing a role in Mexico cartoon network series “Villainous”.

6. Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg) ($12m)

PewDiePie is a famous video game commentator from Sweden. He has over 58 million subscribers on his channel. The YouTuber is busy with a Scare PewDiePie YouTube Red series and a book “This Book Loves You.”

7. Jake Paul ($11.5m)

He is a famous vine star for creating videos with his brother. Logan Paul and Jake Paul posts music, vlogs and comedy sketches on their YouTube channel. The channel has over 14 million subscribers.

8. Ryan Toysreview ($11m)

A 6 years old boy is earning 11 million dollars with his YouTube channel. He is a primary school kid earning money by reviewing toys. He has more than 10 million followers.

9. Smosh ($11m)

Smosh produces parody and slapstick videos. The channel was started in 2005 and now have more than 22.8 billion subscribers. He is working with Anthony Padilla and Hecox.

10. Iisuperwomanii (Lilly Singh) ($10.5m)

Lilly sing is famous for producing music video and sketches. She is renowned for her “Superwoman” psydom and has 13 million subscribers on her channel.  

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