Volunteering Offers Free Travel Opportunities for Students

Volunteering to get free travel opportunities is a healthy experience and opens many opportunities for students that are fond of volunteering and tourism and are looking for ways on how to travel for free.

Have you always dreamed of travelling and learning new things, but can’t afford to do so? Have you ever wondered how to travel for free? Traveling for free seems like an impossible idea, but it’s not. Several students actually travel around the world for free, some can even afford to stay in a country for a month without spending much or without spending anything at all.

Their secret? Volunteering around the world. Volunteer opportunities for free travel is a great way to expose yourself on humanitarian acts, different cultures, and different social structure. Volunteering is a great way to not only learn new things but to also unwind and have fun.

Different types of volunteer work and how to get travel volunteer opportunities

Volunteering to get travel opportunities for students is possible. Here are some opportunities that you can get for free by volunteering.

Teach English – Several areas in different countries need volunteers who can teach the English language. Remote areas in these countries are hard to reach which is why several organizations create programs that give people living in this area a chance to learn English, for them to communicate better and be a part of global changes. There are non-government organizations (NGO’s) that host programs like this.

Help children – A common problem among children living in remote areas aside from lack of accessibility to proper education is malnutrition. The Global Child Nutrition Foundation is partnering with several government and non-government organizations  to host feeding programs on rural areas and different schools. Not only that, they also take time to form a bond with these children to provide them with simple joys. These organizations have several travel volunteer programs that you can try.

Immersion – If you want need to learn more about a certain culture or you want to be fluent on a certain language, immersion is perfect for you. During an immersion, you get to live with a certain family and learn their culture and language. There are immersion programs offered for free but you have to help the family with their chores and livelihood.

Humanitarian aid – If you want to travel with a purpose, you can join human rights advocates in fighting for the rights of indigenous tribes, oppressed women, etc. This is surely a great learning experience that can inspire you and open your mind or change your perspective about certain ideas. Humanitarian aid are also responsible for helping calamity victims from all over the world. You can also participate on health programs such as medical missions for calamity victims or people living in a remote area. Organizations such as United Nations, Red Cross, Unicef host volunteer programs regarding this. If I am looking for inspirations to write my college essay, I will definitely join humanitarian aid programs and I recommend that you do the same.

Marine and wildlife conservations – If you are an animal lover, then volunteering on a marine and/or wildlife conservation is perfect for you. There are a lot of animal shelters that don’t have enough funds and can’t afford to hire enough people. You can search for animal welfare organizations in your desired country and ask for their volunteer programs. These organizations will help you find an animal shelter where you can volunteer.

Social experiments – If you want a fun yet free volunteer opportunity abroad, you can join social experiments. Some social experiments require you to interact with different races or group of people to learn about cultural differences and the effects of a foreign visitor to their social structure. This is a fun way to meet and befriend new people.

Environmental volunteering – If you are interested in both volunteering and tourism, you can participate in environmental programs. Environmental programs include planting trees, cleaning areas, preserving natural sites, observing the changes in a specific area’s ecosystem, etc. Not only will you be able to volunteer and travel but you will also help in preserving the beauty of nature. You can also take this as an opportunity to see beautiful sites around the world.

Volunteering is beneficial in many aspects

Volunteering as a travel opportunity for students will not only open opportunities to travel, it also opens opportunities for your career path. By volunteering, you will be exposed to different perspectives which can help you in creating a goal for you future career. This is also great for you emotionally and spiritually. In volunteering, you will encounter many eye-opening stories that can heal or inspire you. You won’t only be helping others, you would also be helping yourself become a better person. The experiences you will get will also help you excel in your academics because you will have a fresh perspective about different ideas.

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