Wayne Newton’s Museum and Casa De Shenandoah Ranch Hosts 53 Miss America’s Outstanding Teens

Miss America's Outstanding Teens
On January 13, 53 Miss America’s Outstanding Teens from around the country explored Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah Ranch, the iconic entertainer’s 42-acre property and highly anticipated attraction. The Wayne Newton Museum sponsored the ladies’ visit for the day while in town for the Miss America pageant by providing lunch, transportation and a sneak peek at the famed estate (Photo credit: www.MAOTeen.org)

The teens marveled at the beauty and splendor of Casa de Shenandoah Ranch while surrounded by an impressive display of exotic wildlife including a slew of sloths, penguins, wallabies and Arabian horses. The Wayne Newton Museum and Casa de Shenandoah Ranch will be opening to the public later this year.

Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah will open to the public allowing fans of Wayne Newton to see the mansion and grounds that “Mr. Las Vegas” calls home for the first time. Visitors will explore his 42-acre ranch and see his Arabian horses and other wildlife, including wallabies, penguins and sloths. Guests will also be able to tour the new Wayne Newton’s Museum featuring rare collectibles from his five decades-plus of entertaining. Items included with Newton’s valuables are Nat King Cole’s makeup case and the watch he was wearing when he passed away, Johnny Cash’s car, guitar memorabilia from Elvis Presley and a microphone from Frank Sinatra.

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