Wonderground, The Greatest Magic Party in Las Vegas, Features an All-New Show Feb. 21

Kyle Raven
Jeff McBride’s
 WONDERGROUND features a new show each month.  This month’s show takes place on February 21 at 8 pm. Doors will open at 7:30pm at The Olive, located at 3850 East Sunset Rd., Las Vegas, NV. There is a $10 admission at the door. 

The Early Stage show begins at 8 pm. The Close Up show begins at 9 pm. The Late Stage show begins promptly at 10 pm. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to ensure seating for the  shows.

Performers featured in this show include this amazing lineup of rare talent:

  • Zamora The Torture King! Zamora is just back from Europe, and makes a rare appearance.
  • Jason Andrews: 1st place winner at the IBM stage competition.
  • David Groves: The author of “STREET MAGIC” weaves his wonders
  • Les Contortionettes: A fantastic blend of puppetry and contortion
  • Bizzaro!: One of the most creative minds in modern magic!
  • Bijan & David Gabbay: From Hollywood, rising stars in comedy magic.

Also featuring the Wonderground Players:

  • Christian Diamond: Dazzling host of our Close up Theater
  • Tim Wise: Jovial host of the 8pm Variety & Magic Show
  • MC Leo Diaz will mix master he sonic landscapes
  • The NWR Dancers will perform 2 NEW sets of scintillatingly sensual belly dance
  • Art Installations by Areeya, and Suzanne Lugano, Cameron Grant & new local artists
  • Tarot and Divination by Morganne and Stephanie.

For complete info go to www.vegaswonderground.com

You can also watch the show for free, ONLINE at 10 pm on WWW.MCBRIDEMAGIC.TV

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