Young Entrepreneur Takes on Starbucks

Brandon Eastman, 29, of Las Vegas is taking his chances at coffee. An entrepreneur from Oregon, he’s experienced coffee as a way of life, and now he’s taking fault with Starbucks.

Bentley’s Coffee, named after Eastman’s dog, has matched an outstanding price to a great cup of coffee. He hopes to change the way coffee does business.

Jason Smith who moved out here to start Bentley’s with Eastman knows why there’s a need: “During the rough economy, many of us gave up coffee. It became too expensive of a habit to maintain. We’re changing that without sacrificing quality.”

Eastman, new to town, has worked his way up in business. Starting at 17 he worked hard to make each of his business ventures successful. Continually self employed in Oregon, he packed up to come to Vegas and plant his roots here and build something different.

“I want to build a business that will have a predominant reputation that I can leave to my kids someday. Building a great company with a great legacy is important to me. That starts with a great product and happy customers.” Eastman states.

Eastman has been able to keep costs low while providing superior products; Syrups from the French Alps with no preservatives, real fruit for smoothies, coffee beans monitored by roast masters. There is no lack of craftsmanship inside this coffeehouse.

Bentley’s Coffee has two locations in Vegas. One is on the east side of town and one located centrally. Both offer drive-up windows where you order from an employee directly, not a speaker box. Eastman has decided to go head to head with Starbucks, especially in light of their new price increases, and do something that has not been done.

“I think it’s a good idea to be able to buy your favorite coffee for $2. At first it was a promotion, now we’re relaunching with this as our operating standard. Sixteen ounces for $2, twenty four ounces for $3, ” said Eastman.

The entrepreneur believes that Bentley’s could face Starbucks in Vegas and win. His customers seem to agree.

Local Vegas Private Chef Kevin Wong is a convert “I am a coffee snob! So when I stumbled into Bentley’s they had a lot to prove. I can taste nuances in coffee, and Bentley’s is fantastic.

Every employee is cheerful. I will be a loyal customer for as long as they are willing to fill my cup.”

Local Vegas native Angela Born-Helmuth had to give up her $4.50 daily coffee during the recession. Now, with Bentley’s new prices she can enjoy her cup without the expense “I get a friendly greeting and an amazing vanilla latte everyday. Plus it’s within budget. I can’t complain.”

“I want to be Vegas’ coffee shop,” says Eastman. “Bentley’s is a place where coffee is great, service is incredible and price is unbeatable. When you drive through Bentley’s we’ll start a relationship with you, not just ask your name. You’ll leave with a great beverage and maybe a new friend. I know I’ve made a few through the window.”

The price change will begin February 1st with 16oz drinks $2 and 24oz drinks $3.

Bentley’s coffee is located at 2840 E. Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89121 and 1501 W. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89102.  More information is available on their website at

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