Zero Gravity Corporation Announces 2020 Flight Schedule

Zero Gravity Corporation Announces 2020 Flight Schedule
Zero Gravity Corporation (ZERO-G) has released its 2020 flight schedule set to bring weightless experiences to eager flyers across the country. The 12-city tour will include Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New England, New York City, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C. (Pictured: Teller flies ZERO-G).

“We are excited to continue offering these incredible moments for flyers who want a taste of outer space adventure,” said Matt Gohd, ZERO-G CEO. “Whether you’re floating through the airplane cabin like Superman or flipping like a gymnast, it’s a moment our guests won’t soon forget.”

As the consumer space race heats up and interest in commercial space travel deepens, the flights offered by ZERO-G continue to be the only FAA-approved opportunities in the U.S. for individuals to experience true weightlessness without actually going to space. At a fraction of the cost of consumer space flights in development, ZERO-G is paving the way for the general public to enjoy the wonders of interstellar travel.

Each ZERO-G mission is designed for maximum fun. The aircraft’s interior is a zero-gravity playroom, complete with padded floors and walls and video cameras to record the unforgettable moments. When experiencing zero gravity, guests can fly the length of an airplane cabin, pour water in the air and watch the droplets hover before their eyes, release a handful of M&M’s and chase them down like a game of human Pac-Man, and enjoy 10-times more hang-time than the world’s best basketball player.

Valued at $5,400 per person, the ZERO-G experience includes breakfast, flight training, 15 periods of weightlessness, a ZERO-G flight suit, ZERO-G merchandise, a Regravitation Lunch Celebration, certificate of weightless completion and photos and video to remember this thrilling experience.

The full 2020 schedule can be found below:

  • Atlanta – March 21
  • Austin – April 4; October 3
  • Houston – March 28; June 6; November 7
  • Las Vegas – February 8; April 25; August 15; October 31
  • Los Angeles – February 15; April 18; June 27; July 25; October 24
  • Miami – February 29; March 7; May 23; August 29; November 21
  • New England – May 3
  • New York – May 9; September 26
  • Orlando – February 22; May 30; September 12; November 14
  • San Francisco – April 11; June 13; August 1; October 17
  • Seattle – June 20; August 8; October 10
  • Washington D.C. – May 16; September 19

Since operating its first commercial flight in 2004, ZERO-G has given more than 17,000 flyers the opportunity to feel true weightlessness while providing incredible experiences in 27 cities across the country. It has also hosted an impressive collection of celebrities and scientists including Stephen HawkingBuzz AldrinPeter JacksonGeorge TakeiJustin BieberKate UptonMartha StewartThe OsbournesAshton Kutcher and many others.

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